How do you guys deal with those obnoxious clients?

how do you guys deal with those obnoxious clients?
Active listening skills

you know the ones who can’t be satisfied? Always feel they paid to much? they quote big box store prices right back at you? can’t understand quality? I’m from a rural area so the customer base is smaller then some. any ideas?

This is a recent discussion in a LinkedIn plumbing professional site. This is the actual writing and questions posed to the group. I am laughing so hard at some of the answers that cry havoc. It simply has me wondering how some of these people are still in businesses. Some of the responses are: I have a PITAS charge, I have a surcharge depending on their ability to pay fire them, Tell them to use someone else. I will get as obstinate as they are and give as good as or better than they can. These business owners have offered some pretty good solutions to gain cooperation would you say?

My first area of concern is the very first question. How do you deal with this translates easily into why do you work with these people? Please give me reasons so that I do not have to work with this type customer. Do you guys deal with these people? Then look at the last 2 words: obnoxious clients. The comment is full of resentment and regret by the business owner.

I must ask why the customer acted and responded in this manner. The answers I received were guesses and I think they did this because. There is your sign too much thinking without knowing for sure. This is a huge problem for many in sales and running a business. They think they know what is important to a customer. They refuse to ask the customer why they chose them today and what they liked best. When I ask owners why they refuse to ask a customer they tell me they already know the answer. How do you know that? They have been told by sales organizations, trainers, and have read it in a book.

I have news for you are sadly mistaken. The only way to know what your customer likes is to ask him or her a few parting questions. Mary what did you like best about today? Mary what is the real reason you called me and why today? Mary what did you experience today that was different? Did you like it? What is your favorite part of today’s service?

These questions will provide you with true answers that you can give to other consumers to turn them into your customers and clients. They will give your insight to perceived value that s important to your customer. It will give you a different perspective with your listening and communication skills that drive the interest to use you without stalls or remorse.

When I ask plumbers why people use them the answer is laughable. The answers are: I am honest, I do good work, I am clean, I am knowledgeable, and people know me, I’ve even heard we are a 3rd generation plumber. I am wondering what does that mean. Does that mean you have more skill or knowledge than the next guy? What secrets are being passed down by only generational schooling?

Is anyone honestly trying to convey that other people in the service industry trades are not honest? Does this mean most of the industry service providers are dirty rotten scoundrels? Do plumbers think that many of the other plumbers do horrible work? A lot of these reasons have nothing to do with anything other than self-importance and a higher view of yourself than your customer. This crap puts you at odds with your customer prior to you starting work as it shows in your attitude ,facial expressions and body language that you are superior.

In the beginning forget what you know it is unimportant. No matter how important you believe you are you’re not. As your service call proceeds you will become more valuable to the customer with your knowledge and skill set. However right now your ability to listen and communicate is the most important tool in your tool box.

you know the ones who can’t be satisfied?
Your question to ask Michael, tell me what would be satisfactory? Then go above satisfactory I want to give each person over the top service.

Always feel they paid to much?
Why do you feel this is too much? Allow the customer to tell you what they have heard, what they have done or what they have seen in the past. Once you discover why they feel this way you can give them an answer that makes sense and is aligned with their reason

they quote big box store prices right back at you?
Michael I am having difficulty with that statement what does it mean? Find out what it is and then answer the question whether it is informing the customer that they are making a product to price. Then move into why more people use you remember those questions you will be asking the customer from now on that give you true perceived value. Once you inform the customer ask which ones are not important.
can’t understand quality?

Sorry plumber this one is on you. You have not communicated effectively your difference and you deserve the crap the customer is piling on you. I do not know 1 person that does not understand quality. I do know people that refuse to get quality for some projects due to understanding the abuse a product or service may receive. It is your duty to discover if this is the reason and then give them a product and service that fits their needs and not yours.

I’m from a rural area so the customer base is smaller then some. any ideas?

This one is probably the number one reason for failure. It is an excuse to gain acceptance for your dismal performance. You’re seeking approval from others that have failed to join you in misery. I usually hear this: my demographics are different. This is usually accompanied by a whiney crying sniffling voice that is defeated. I am being harsh here however stop with the whiney baby stuff.

People are the same. They have the same questions and concerns. They make the same money as other areas. They spend the same amount of money as other areas. There are poor, below average middle class, above average, and wealthy. Every area has drawbacks and every area has their pluses. I am here to tell you if you keep getting those that do not have money then quit advertising to that demographic.

What I mean by quit advertising. If you are known for low prices, give discounts; frequently advertise 59 dollar drain cleaning is what you will get. We people want discounts all over your website that draws people to call you. Keep in mind it cannot control the quality of your customer but will increase your call volume. You are getting what you asked for and why you are expecting different is another question to answer. During your networking event you claim no one will beat your price, you do things for free.

There is a simple formula to increase customer retention and decrease the customer degree of difficulty. That formula is to listen more and gain clarity to what you heard. Then communicate in terminology the customer understands and is aligned to their reasons for moving forward. Gaining clarity is defined by knowing why customers make the statements they do to you. Why did they pick you for this task and why today? It may not be the customer that is the obnoxious one.

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