What Makes you Happy?

What Makes you Happy?

Over the past few years I have had the pleasure and opportunity to meet so many really cool and nice people in the construction service industry. At times I wonder what stipulates happy for many people. Happy means something different to each person. This screams injustice, happy should be unconditional. Happy is a way to live. Happy is a choice. It is extremely elusive for many people.

Frequently happy is fleeting and temporary. Could this be a byproduct of our time and conditions we live in and choose. Why do so many people allow happy to arrive with materialistic things that are easily forgotten or broken? Do we spend too much time with meaningless stuff and not enough time with the things in life that bring real happiness and joy? Can this be applied to our professional life? Who said work cannot be filled with joy? What is stopping you? Do you take it for granted and let it slip away?

Have you ever met a person that just has it? Out of the corner of their eye is a sparkle that shines like a bright star. There laugh brings laughter to you. They live a life of positive actions. They live a life of purpose. Their job is not their purpose. Bringing joy to others is their purpose. Living a life that is not centered on the individual but centered on faith is the driving force of joyfulness. This life is driven to try and live a life that is Christ centered. They bring this way of life to their professional life.

Living a life that is Christ centered leads you to serving others. It is living a life of grace that means giving multiple chances. This means living a life where others are important. It is more than doing good deeds. It is doing the right things for the right reasons while serving. This trades happy for something greater than just happy. The tradeoff for you is you receive JOY. I prefer to call it the pay off.

How can you work this into your professional life? A better question is how you can work this into your professional life when you have people biting at your ankles telling you not to bring this to your customers. Why take a chance to offend your customer. Not everyone believes in your God or Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Don’t bring that stuff around here. It is time to stop denying your faith or spirituality.

A wise man controls his temper. He knows anger can make mistakes. This tells us to remain calm and in control despite what a customer states. Frequently customers say things that may seem irresponsible and over the top. Relax and understand why it was stated. Look at it from a different point of view.

Teach a wise man and he will become wiser; teach a good man, and he will learn more. This can be you learning to do your job at a much higher level. Apply this to your professional life and your customer and soon you will discover amazing and remarkable things will start to happen for you..

Determination is the first step towards becoming wise. And with your wisdom, develop common sense and good judgment. You must commit to setting goals that will drive you to use the wisdom you have gained by learning new practices that leads to good judgment with your choices. Appling this to your customers will create a day that you will not forget. Your customers will have the ability to make decisions that best fits this budget and life style.

Truth stands the test of time, lies are soon exposed. Your words and actions must be aligned with each other. When they are not you are standing exposed and primed for failure. At all times you must stand with the highest integrity where ethics and honesty are your driving force that will give you astonishing results.

The intelligent man is always open to new ideas. In fact, he looks for them. With an open mind you have now opened an uncontrollable realm open for discovery. With this open mind you must commit to an action to implement the wealth of information you have received.

By allowing God into your daily life all of the above is possible. The first sentences in the past 5 paragraphs are scriptures that you can apply for very successful business practices. The wonderful thing is it does not matter if you are religious or not they are still fantastic ideas for a successful life of JOY. Stop being damaged goods and decide today to start to get all the advice you can and be wise the rest of your life.
These things will help you achieve true joy in your life. Joy lasts; where happiness is fleeting and typically is measured by monetary things in life. True joy drives you’re your actions that in turn can be spread to others by just a smile, kind act, or the service you provide to and for others. Joy frequently will bring you many moments in your lifetime versus waiting for a few moments in your life.

How can you achieve joyfulness? How can you achieve explosive joyfulness? Would you rather be happy or have explosive joyfulness? When will you accept the opportunity to discover and grab explosive joyfulness? How can you and will you apply this simple concept to your daily life? How can you add this to your professional life? How can you include your customers, co-workers, or associates?
It is time to stop being afraid of things that are not fearful. Open the door and allow these wonderful things in your life that will create a greater chance t make the right choices in your life and professional careers.


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