It sounded like a good idea, get rid of customers that are holding you back.

It sounded like a good idea, get rid of customers that are holding you back.

I have spent many years trying to give back to my industry a pay it forward attitude. The plumbing industry has given me a full life and the opportunity to grow our family. I am grateful to have leaned on the plumbing industry and have gratitude towards all the people that have enhanced and made a difference in my life.

I made a conscious decision to give back to those who want to make major improvements towards becoming a better person. Becoming a better and stronger person will give you the opportunity to be a difference maker with your customers. It will allow you to live with joy knowing that you have helped your customer make their life better.

There is one thing I do know that is holding back companies from profitability that is necessary to grow the company and sustain this growth without chaos. This chaos is with expressing ideas that engage the customer to purchase their products and services. Without having this ability to paint a picture of ownership many customers refuse to pay the proper amount that your company requires to make a decent profit and to be a force in the community in the future.

Many marketers will state; how you would like to make 20% profit. What idiot will say no I do not want 20% profit especially when they are used to 2-5% profit or losing money in your economy today? Would you be willing to give up the bottom 25% of your customers to reach 20% profit? Of course everyone will say yes to this really stupid imposing question. Do what I am about to tell you and this could lead you to the Promised Land.

What makes you think if you get rid of the bottom 25% of your customers that you will not have another bottom 25%? How will you ever get rid of the bottom 25% if you do nothing to improve what you already do? How can anyone promise you the promised land if they never visited you to investigate and inform you what you need do to improve and keep profitable customers.

You will hear many reasons why you lose customers and they are; moving, death, indifference, price, and any other reasons customer depart from your services. With these statistics you will discover that indifference is the highest reason why people leave your company. By making a bold statement; let us get rid of the indifferent customer without discovering why this customer is indifferent, you will always have a vicious circle with new people becoming that statistic of indifference.

Discover why the customer feels like they were slighted and have this feeling of indifference. Discover whether it is price or your attitude. Imagine this it may even be the way that you are presenting your solution to the customer. How could it possibly be me?

Get this and it is extremely important that is frequently forgotten by all business owners and marketers and it is: there is only 1 constant with each customer. That constant is you! The percentages and chances are huge that it is not you customer, typically you will discover it is the constant that is the culprit.

Many of you will agree with me on this point; you must provide a solution that is based on the cause and not the symptom. When the solution is based on the cause the problem will go away and most likely never return when you give information to the customer concerning how to prevent it from happening again in the future. Why would this philosophy not be the same with things that are not working in your company? Why would anyone suggest throwing the baby out with the bath water? Why would you not discover why the bottom 20-25% of your customers is at the bottom?

A few simple questions will give you the answer to this extremely important question. You will have some customers that base their every decision on price. Those are the customers to pass on and give to your competition. If you have 20-25% of your customers basing decisions on price well you are the problem child. To get rid of the bottom feeders without improving the cause you will only discover ore bottom feeders due to how you have set customer company expectation. The customer experience is lacking engagement. It lacks the colorful painting of ownership. Why should your customer use you? What drives the customer to want to use you? What drives the customer to trust you? What drives the customer to respect you and your solution? Why should the customer think that you are different than the rest of those service providers they have experienced in the past?

Why would you be a fully functional service provider that is a moment maker that enhances and makes a difference in a customer’s life? How can you change the customer’s indifference into explosive joyfulness and gratitude that they chose you? What would the cost to you be to increase that bottom 20-25% to be your top 90% that pays you that 20% profit? Discover where you can improve and keep top customers? Discover how to define your prime customers and embrace those customer’s with engaging conversation that drive the want to use you at your rate.

Decide today to stop that vicious circle that recycles your customers only to receive more company educated bottom feeders. When you start communicating and having conversations with your customers you will ascertain many things that will grow your business. More customers will want to refer you to their friends and family. Become a stronger you and watch the transformation of customer’s attitude towards you and your solutions. Watch the lower 25% become the top 75% and slowly grow to the top 90% and for way less money. You just need to ascertain what the cost to you will be to change the constant in your company with your customers.

Change your thoughts; replace those thoughts, by uncovering a new source to gather your information. To change your point of view you must change the perception and in order to do this you must find a different source. Do not let this source be a blind source that is taking a guess over the phone without looking at your books, the way you conduct business, the way you interact with your customers.

I really do not care what you charge. What you charge really has little relevancy when you do not fix the cause of your problems. Raising your price without controlling the issues that deflates and devalues your company will still give you the same results. Chances are huge you do need to raise your rates however you will never have the right rate unless you take that long hard look in the mirror and take care of the constant in your company or policies.



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