Marketers blowing smoke


Marketers blowing smoke

At times the very people that should be helping business are destroying business. Each business must be warned to watch closely, listen more intently, and demand more from those who are offering their services to grow your business. You are responsible to decide with the avenue you wish to grow your business. You must decide the purpose. Do not let someone else decide your purpose.

The other day I encountered a marketer that has a terrible attitude towards his customers. I thought it was rather odd when we first started talking and his a behavior. When I threw out a concern his idea of answering it was to talk over top of me becoming louder and trying to strong arm me into a decision. I’ve been in the business a very long time was his excuse or reason I should listen. I then informed him I have been in the business since 1972 and what does that mean. That did not impress me nor will it ever impress me. There are lots of people in business who should not be in business and as luck would have it has outlasted many others. It is called the exception.

This reminded me of a quote and this quote is; what holds companies back from amazing progress and that is I’ve always done it this way. It was like he was reaching inside his pocket and jingling change suggesting that my money in my pocket was his money and he would get it any way he could. This fellow’ skills are straight from the 80’s with a little added in for web sites today.

He told me to get this as it is important and highly innovative and will increase your chances of making a sale. Carry a screw driver into the consumer’s home and tighten loose cabinet handles or door handles. This is straight from the 70’s and has been done since then by service providers. It is nothing new. Hey I will be one of the first to say some of the old school ideas still work however there are many other ways that are far more effective then mailers, street signs, or giving up 25% of your customers. Mailers are fine and return roughly 2-3% on investment and for some reason marketers think this is a fantastic return and convince or persuade business owners that it is a huge return. They may even suggest that 2-3 years later a person will turn in a mailer that is a coupon and that by itself is proof they work. On 1 hand they claim it is a call to action and on the other hand they say 1 may be turned in a few years later.2 years later is not a call to action. Which is it?

I think it is hilarious that marketers will claim to make you money yet all their ideas seem to cover coupons with discounts. They are trying to convince you that you should have higher profits yet propose discounts to gain customers and will use any type spin to prove their point. Never suggest that their point has holes in it and leaking water all over the ground. They are insulted when this happens. They will pound their chest and claim they are really good and have many ears in the business. So what when has that ever really meant anything? Is it a guarantee that they will be here tomorrow? Is it a guarantee that they will treat you fairly or even decently?

I tried to help this guy learn something today and discovered this person does not want to learn. I have had to deal with this guy for 3 years now and he has never bothered to do a little research to get along or understand a different position or perspective. Today he told me that he does not have to research people. Those type people meaning me are self- absorb people that will not allow the true professional (Him) to do his job. I suggested to him to go into a social media business site and research how we operate as a company and what we do as a company with our customers. This will give him insight to why we do business the way we do. This would also give him an education to who we are as service providers by reading a short bio, read our posts, and get to know our business capability. What he has become is his own definition of his customers a self-absorbed person that cannot do his job due to a lack of research and education about his customers or potential customers.

I received in email 1 day earlier copies of a proposal. Today he sent the exact same thing over my head. What a great way to earn respect and trust. Really dislike informing this guy that there is no trust and absolutely no respect for his business and the lack of his professionalism. Add to this that he thinks there is nothing more for him to learn. It is a different market out there and lousy advice is no longer welcomed or tolerated.

Giving blind advice without investigating what the problem is and how to fix the problem is dangerous. It is also putting the customer into a situation that they may not recover from over the long term. It is your responsibility to discover the best possible solution for the customer while gaining the right information to propose the right choices. By giving advice without examining why things are working the way they are reeks of greed that is the driver.

It is time to get out of the 80’s and get into now and start caring about your customer. It is time to stop riding rough shod over your customer and answer their requests. It is time for you to start doing your homework and research the people you hope to work with and give them the proper solution. It is time to start helping your customer versus blind siding them into a wrong decision. Design marketing solutions with original ideas that produce more than 2-3% return. How many business owners would keep a sales person that closes 2-3 percent of their customers? Yet marketers get that all the time and are rewarded. The reason is they do not ask the right questions, they propose solutions without answers, or information. They think they are right without knowing if they are right or wrong.

Beware of the marketer that does not ask you questions about your business. Beware of those that will take what you say at face value when you the business owner know the so called facts are not 100% true. If a marketer has no way to verify or worse yet does not verify and yet will throw solutions your way run as fast as you can. You know where you are at and why you are there. You also know the marketer cannot possibly help your business due to little to no research done on your company. You know there is no way to know exactly what you do with just a few questions. This will not allow them to base a solution that is logical and will work for you. You buy in, they know you are crippled and will always s buy into a weak solution.

Before any person can help your company you must first understand where the problem is lurking.


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