What Construction Service Industry Questions are you Asking your Customers?

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What Construction Service Industry Questions are you Asking your Customers?

Most of us are old enough to know better yet seem to struggle with discovering the right words to say and the right questions to ask. Then a question is asked: what are the right questions to ask? What weight should the customer’s statements hold deciding the type question you should ask? How can you determine and set the attitude and expectation customers have of you and your company?

What leeway should a customer have when engaging you? What if they are waiting to bait you? How should you act or react? Why do you react the way you do now to customer statements? Why do you believe they should not act out or misbehave? Who has said a customer must be on their best behavior? It is time to start thinking outside the box and understanding the customer has had all types of service providers in the past. The reason you must build trust and respect us due to those very same exact past experiences.

Some people think passiveness is a sign of weakness. I say kindness is a very assertive activity that has the inclination to force angry and mean people to submit and surrender their anger to calmness that begs to suppress chaos for remedies. Generosity has a way of removing animosity and replaces it with an eagerness to participate and provide solutions that are viable. When we give it freely it increases the chances to receive in return. Whenever I have witnessed 2 people extremely angry and maintained that anger it can turn into something volatile quickly. However when 1 person is in turmoil and the other is in constant calmness a comforting effect that is seeking a cheerful resolution overwhelms the offsetting behavior. Just a smile when speaking can create a vision of joy. Niceness is an attractive trait that is contagious.

The customer’s mood will dictate the type questions and their starting behavior. Stop thinking the customer is attacking you. They do not know you well enough to know your attitude and altitude. Stop thinking the customer is devaluing and berating you. It is time to change the customer’s expectation and show them a different point of view by bringing them to this new area that will give them different results. You need to remove yourself from the self-zone and open that comfort area to a place where you are not finished due to the place your mind has traveled and deposited money into the parking meter. It is time to focus on where you are going and not where someone has led you. You must create an action in order for both you and the customer to move forward.

What type of questions should you ask to gain control over the situation in addition to the smile? How about inquiring questions? Questions that ask the customer to freely give information that gives you the ability to regain their passion and composure then for you to discover the explanation of what is bothering him or her. The questions asked should demand a sacrifice and surrender of yours and their free will and to answer basic questions that examine how each of you feel, where this feeling came from and how you can align a solution to their feelings.

Another area I am conferring and parleying to the service provider is to surrender their free will giving up the combative approach of disarming the customer by might is right philosophy. Might is right will not define who or what is right or correct. Might, will define who is stronger with a routine or set of guidelines that gives you unfair advantage and strength to overcome an opponent that does not have a system to follow. Knocking down something that you have built has never been a great equalizer. It does show that you do not have control over your own emotion and no longer have the ability to control your business acumen.

The questions to ask are to disarm the customer. They are designed to engage and attract a picturesque response and reaction from the customer to guide them to a positive stimulant that demands movement to act to an ownership situation. Try to design questions that draw a belief from the customer. Then discover where this belief sowed its seed. Is it something that came from something they have done in the past, is it something they have heard or is it something they have seen? Then align the solution in a question that includes their belief.

Did your customer have the ability to pick this out themselves? Would they like to it out? Is this something they would like to do now or in the future? What is it they like about their current product that would keep them from replacing it now? What is it they would like to see different that they would like to see now? How is this product presently used? How else could this or another product be more useful to him or her? How can you influence your customer?

What must you do to change your position? You must discover your comfort zone and then expand that area. When you live inside an area you cannot grow that area. You’re stuck rotating in a vicious circle that has you turning round and round without gaining ground. No one questions the routine so it stays and you keep plodding through one step at a time. It worked before and it is still working to a degree or it has been steadily losing ground.

This change must be followed by an action that will include changing your source of information. Stop implementing old procedures that are no longer working or viable. Find a new source and frequently this means leaving old trusted advisors behind to seek new ideas that have evolved over time that are fresh and relate to this time. By discovering a new source you now have the ability to replace old thought with new thoughts. Before something new can work it is essential to replace those thoughts with new thoughts. Prior to discovering a new source and replacing your thoughts new thoughts must be programed into a plan and then implement the plan.

The concepts of sales have remained the same. You must have a discovery or a needs analysis. I call this information gathering time. You must be able to provide a product and service to the customer. You must be able to convey to the customer that you have the right product and services. Then you must influence the customer to make the right choice to use you and your solution. This is the basic to selling. The thing that has changed is how you sell, communication, medium to get your message across. You must earn the right to do business with customers today.
are your excuses larger than your dreams

Now go make a decision to move forward today. You expect the customer to make the right decision. It is time you start making the correct decision. The unknown is not to be feared but to be explored. Open your mind to others ways of doing business. Just because you have been doing this for years does not mean there is not a better way. Decide to create an action that will have you moving forward. Become like a musical instrument that plays different notes together in chords that are in perfect harmony


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