What is clarity in a sale?


What is clarity in a sale?

Recently I realized that communication with home owner’s frequently causes’ friction with many service providers within the service construction industry. It is due to a lack of communication however it is not perpetuated on purpose by those inside the industry. It happens because those in the industry do not know or understand the cause and effect that takes place with the miscommunication. When you have 2 people discussing and neither of them understands the problem, solution, and proposal, someone must speak up and gain clarity. No one wants to admit that they are unclear.

This is caused by training that states and tries to live by the law that states relationships are not necessary to build trust and respect. By ignoring personal relationship the service provider leaves some of the doors closed that will help explain the right information where the customer can make the proper decision. This information is not given due to people in the industry thinking it is not important enough or information the customer needs to make the right decision. Typically something is stated that does not make sense. Then it seems like a small attack on the individual or professional and the lack of clarity cuts off the message today and all future communication. All of this is due to a misunderstanding between 2 people. Isn’t it crazy that no one wants to admit that confusion is keeping the potential of the future from moving in the right direction today?

What is even crazier is both buyer and seller are negligent to discover the missing clarity and someone will decide to shut down and get angry. The buyer may decide they are going to do be rash and do what they think is the easiest thing on the planet. They believe they must write a poor review that is poor to the seller and poor to the writer because they do not understand and refused to take all the information under advisement. To the lay person it may make sense however the reality is ignorance is bliss and gives some people power that is nonexistent with the exception of the power in their mind.

I had to address such a thing recently where a home owner of a condo purchased a disposal at a really cheap rate. It was purchased for 250 dollars and the disposal offered was 650.00. However this person forgot to mention all the extras that came with this 650.00 disposal and the benefits of this disposal over the 250.00 disposal. The communication between buyer and seller was non-existent too; the seller did not express it in terminology that the owner could understand. However the home owner did not seek more information to make a smart decision or seek clarity. The only thing on the buyer’s mind, cheap dollars, the customer was greedy in their decision to keep hold of her money versus buying a disposal that was her best choice.

As Paul Harvey used to state here is the rest of the story. This is the 3rd disposal in 6 years at 250.00. Why so many disposals you ask? This disposal is made of metal and will rust. The cutter blades are also made of metal and rust and bind together. When the housing and blades rust the cutter blades freeze up and will not rotate and chop food up properly. The cutter blades not rotating properly will cause food to be thrown into the drainage system creating stoppages. In this home there have been 2 stoppages during this 6 year period. Due to the disposal manufactured with pot metal the housing rusts and will create a leak from the housing which means it must be replaced. We have 3 disposals at 250.00 dollars each which =750.00 and now add 2 stoppages at 350.00 dollars each = 700.00. A total of 1450.00 dollars some plumbers and home centers have stolen I mean sold to a customers. The service provider was unable to pass the proper information to the buyer for her to make the right decision. At times we must discover a way to give this information to a customer even though they do not want to hear this information. Sometimes a customer will only hear and understand dollars; you must discover a different way to convey your message so that it is heard.

I say stolen mainly due to the plumber and home centers refusal to communicate and give information to the customer that will allow them to make a logical and sensible decision that best fits their budget and system. In this case the home owner let the condo association know there is an unreliable plumbing company that will over- charge when in fact they were overcharged in the past by getting the wrong product in their home and omission of information that prevented the right choice.

The 650.00 dollar disposal rotates much faster which means it chops food finer before tossing it through the drainage system. The disposal also has a 5 year warranty if the customer wants to match the current size and a larger one has a 10 year warranty. This means if a disposal had to be replaced within the 5 years this customer would only have had to pay for 1 during the 6th year. The housing of the disposal is not made of pot metal which means it will not rust and rot creating a leak in the cabinet. The cutter blades and base are made of stainless steel which means the cutter blades will not rust together and stop rotating which means the chance of a stoppage being created are slim.

Please tell me which disposal is better for the home owner? Which disposal is better for the condo association? Who has the best interest of the customer and condo association in mind? Yet automatically people assume that the higher priced object, product, and service are over charging. The customer misses the practical definition of price and is not receiving the best possible solution for their home and condo that will affect not only budget but life style and future money spent.

It is time to decide today that you the service provider start delivering over the top communication with to your customer. Do not let the customer or you fall into the trap of I’ve always done it this way creating an; us against them mentality. This serves no one. This will not allow your customer to help educate other customers to why you do what you do, what you do and finally how you do it.

When your customer is not clear on what you’re trying to do for him or her decision’s cannot be made on a solution that you have provided. The friction that is created by a lack of communication can be placed to the side and never visited by gaining clarity. It is essential that you gain clarity and the customer also has a clear vision as to what has happened in the pats, how you can prevent it from happening the future. A discovery of how it can be prevented in the future must be accompanied by why it happened and why it will prevent it from happening in the future must be understood. The words you choose must paint a picture that is logical and sensible to the home owner to move in that direction. If it is not logical or sensible why should the customer move along those lines?


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