Everything you do impacts someone.

Everything you do impacts someone.


It is simply amazing how the statement everything you do impacts someone is true. The stumbling block to the statement is most people do not realize how much impact they have on those that surround them during their lifetime. If we as people understood and realized just how much affect each person has on others we would all be living a life of explosive joyfulness? Everyone would be more than happy.

The impact is with both personal and professional lives. People have a difficult time separating professional and personal though they believe they do. You cannot separate your personality unless your mental stability is mildly sprained. There are many that will try to convince you that they can separate how they feel and their core values/beliefs between their professional and personal life. It is improbable that they have the will and ability to cut off or turn off this part of the feeling mechanism. Emotion cannot be faked by a normal person.

It is time to decide just how you will impact those that are around you? How can you pay it forward? How can you help others join you in the winner’s circle? I was listening to a song by The Coors and a lyric is how can I make you love me? I am not sure we can make anyone do anything they do not want to do however we can influence their actions and reactions. Before any person can influence there must be a purpose and direction. Without a purpose you will be flying by the seat of your pants. You must decide today to take inventory of the results you have gained and work a plan that will give you different results.

Scott Young a brilliant speaker made a statement in May 2014. This is such a powerful statement and resonated with me as to the real reason many people are missing the boat even though they are on the dock. The quote is: Are you stuck in your yesterday that you forgo your blessing for today. We hear mentors tell us to forget the past. When we let go of the past we can now move forward. This is fantastic advice with 1 exception no one gives information to those people who need to drop the past how to get rid of that burden.

I am a person that has a core belief that people are held back by what has consumed their past. They refuse to look at possible changes that undoubtedly can and will revolutionize their business. The excuses that hold them steadfast to the past are the same excuses that prevent them from exceling in their present assignment to propel them past where they are now. It is a fear of success that leads them to the insecure reality that they may be wrong in their assessment of where they are presently.
No one likes to admit that there may be something else that is better due to that forcing me to suggest to myself that I am wrong. So, how do we get rid of the burdens of the past? How do you limit those afflictions from creeping back into your life? How do we keep our ignorance from turning into despair? How do we say bring it on and I will defeat you?

The first thing you must decide to do is to change your thoughts. Then you must replace those thoughts. In order to have success with either of these, replace and change your thoughts you must discover a new source /resource to discover awesome potential that needs unleashed. I have a core belief that we must have faith. For me it is faith in God for you it may be spiritual faith, for others it is faith in their own ability. Without faith you will not succeed without fear. That fear will keep you tied to the dock and not ailing the seas where it may get rough and you may be tested.

Once you change your station it is essential that you have a dream that not misunderstood. This dream is written on paper. Without proof that the dream is a goal and a plan it can turn into a nightmare that keeps repeating the same Groundhog Day over and over. I believe it was Jim Rohn that said keep doing what you’re doing and you can expect the same results. Einstein state doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is the definition of insanity.

What will you decide to do differently starting today? What is holding you back from your future? If you are afraid of the changes what if you changed 1 thing a day or week how long would it take? How would this affect you? How would this affect employees? How would this affect your family? How would this affect your employee’s family? Lastly how would this affect your customers? Joy 1

The impact you will have on all those around you will change their life. It will enhance their lifestyle. It will impact their faith. Your customers will have a different and better you. The customers will receive over the top customer experiences and a way different experience that nay other service provider has given him or her. Be the positive impact that you were made to be and meant to deliver. Be that moment maker and come to a place where you are not finished.

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