Hi how may I help you? What can I do for you? What do you need? How can I help get it for you?


Hi how may I help you? What can I do for you? What do you need? How can I help get it for you?
These are precious words that produce result when you are networking. Networking is not about you it is about your customers and those that are around and surround you. Networking will give you superior results while increasing the people in your referral partnership funnel. The larger the funnel the more opportunity to help another person grow whether it is growing financially or with getting things accomplished.

Whenever I meet people who are networking I am blown away that roughly less than half of those involved in networking get it. What is more alarming is many of these people have networked for years and still do not get it. What is repeated over and over is what another person has taught them versus discovering what networking is across the board. Just like everything else one size does not fit all and you need assistance to learn how to become an effective networker that produces amazing results and return on your customers investments while at the same time you are enjoying a return on your investment.

In any business growth is related to a business plan. The business plan is a map and roadway to where you want to get and how you will get there. The plan at times will have alterations due to changes that will need assistance with change facilitation. Networking requires a plan. The plan must be specific and have the same goals, time limits, and implementation of your plan to get where you need. Just like real estate location, location, and location, this is determined by how you position yourself.

One of the awesome goals that you the troubled networker must do is have the ability to recognize a potential gift to your referral partners and or your customers. There must be a way to educate referral partners to teach you/me how to identify a potential prospect and turn them into a warm lead to hot friend. Then the referral partner must teach us how we can gradually move the conversation towards why they do what they do how they do it and finally what they do. This must accompany a way to move from what you are doing to your referral partners. With 30 or more referral partners adds a greater degree of difficulty to make sure your sphere of influenced is represented.

When I have the opportunity to meet with a referral partner I ask quite a few questions. For me this is just like a sales call. I am amazed at the sheer amount of people who do not possess a real working plan with their networking. 1 of the questions I ask is: what is your purpose with networking? Typically the response has no purpose or plan and is a huge” I want to grow my business”. This is a wide broad based paint brush. I will point out a customer that has already been to 6 of your competition and ask is that a good person to help grow your business? Frequently they will say of course not but I thought you said you wanted to grow your business? It is time to rethink how you want to grow your business and develop a specific plan that will work to get you there other than a guess and a prayer to grow the business.

Recently a buddy of a referral partner sat up and said I do not want your business I want the people you know. Dah who else would you want and are you 100% sure of that message? Remember I knew that person that wasted 6 of your competitions time. Do you still want everyone I know? GET A PLAN! It is time to stop repeating what someone has taught you in a seminar and do a little research and discover a brand new day and world that has true growth. Decide today and determine what your purpose is and then place a plan in action to deliver the results you deserve.

Now that you have a real plan in place other than a pipe dream of growing your business it is time to determine the best possible partners. When I first started to network I did a lot of observing. The first 6 months I did not get involved with many networking groups but stood on the sidelines. I watched those who were good at networking. This is what worked for me and your educational process might be different.

Do not be fooled by a popularity contest. It gets confusing as you see people that seem to stand out among the group. They look like the social butterfly moving from one group to another smiling and laughing. Let us call this one the spotlight grabber. Being the hit of the party is just that the hit of the party and usually little substance concerning referrals. The 2nd person you will notice is the networker that has a strong feeling of belonging to a group and being an important spoke in the wheel. They will be around the leaders of the networking organization. Typically these people will receive referrals yet hardly give quality referrals.

The spotlight grabber when giving referrals will take a long time showing off their few referrals in order to make a dramatic entrance with those referrals. The “Belonger” networker will give referrals that do not pan out in order to be recognized for the number of referrals they give. Typically networkers are rewarded and recognized by the number of referrals they give. Standing up to say they have given x amount of referrals. The type referrals are of tasks that are not necessary and the referral party is not expecting you to call or visit. These two types are time wasters for you.

I understand that it is extremely difficult to master the different events that surround your life. However if you are making a plan to grow and work your business you should have interest in mastering that plan. Mastering the plan is not receiving only 1 source to gain your information. Whenever your education background is limited to 1 source you will discover your resources to be limited and not able to adapt to different situations that confront you when it is outside your area of expertise and comfort zone.

With each networking event there is a beneficial opportunity to enhance advantages to the networkers and you. You just need to take the time to educate yourself and implement the strategies that are present. Our job is to become aware of the opportunities.

Hi how may I help you? What can I do for you? What do you need? How can I help get it for you?

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