You will have a better tomorrow when you learn today.

are your excuses larger than your dreams
You will have a better tomorrow when you learn today.

I get the biggest kick when sales trainers and or gurus that gathers inside web sites to chat and make this statement; one size does not fit all. I know most people here and all over the planet think the same way that one size does not fit all. If the majority of us think the same way we should also realize when people post we should know and remember their message is not 1 size fits all or do it my way or else you cannot be successful. They are speaking in terminology of what is working for them and for their niche expertise. When we read the many messages you can definitely see different sales methodologies in their forum posts. Wouldn’t this be similar to music that no 2 artists are the same and each have notes played in harmony that move people? The same with a sale messages from any source that want to teach a methodology that is successful. The one size does not fit all message is meant to knock someone down.

I started learning sales from 3 guys in the early 70’s. None of these guys were trainers or sales gurus. Each did things differently than one another yet together made a fantastic team. It was amazing 1 was a party type guy. His customer s loved the pickup truck full of alcohol Friday night in the park parties. His clients would then go bowling, out to dinner, theatre. This guy is a fun guy with fun clients and then fun times. The 2nd guy was more of a family style get to know you sales presentation. His clients had family get together and strengthen the relationship. The 3rd guy used his religion and faith to discover commonality and communication. Upon his passing is when anyone who knew him discovered all the things he had done for people during his life. He was a truly amazing giving spiritual man. He could talk to you and tell you that you need to get better. 30 minutes later you realized you just had a come to Jesus meeting with him and thanked him for the meeting. When all 3 of these fellows were gone from this company the company folded.

From there I concentrated on many porfessionals that were accessible via books and tapes. Ziz Ziglar, Brian Tracey, Napoleon Hill, Carnegie, Stephan Shiftman,later came Joe Girard, Tom Hopkins , Maxwell, Spin selling ,Vito, Frank Blau, Majurice Maio, Neil Rackman and others. In the 2000’s people like Gitomer, Greer, Joe Crisara, Jim Abrams and others .I really like reading Skip Anderson with consumers, and people like Phil Town, Michael Pedone though I do not like the way he treats people he has exceptional ideas with cold calling. I have read some of Paul Castain’s stuff on social media and I also read a ton of Ivan Misner’s books. There are others that are extremely helpful in today’s world like Gary Boyd, Leanne Hoagland Smith, Sharon Drew Morgan and recently Babette Ten Haken with internet marketing. If you are interested in selling and a real world look I would suggest that you look for Gary Boyd and read what he writes. He will fire you up however when push comes to shove what he writes is spot on and true. These are just a few of the people I respect and have learned from in the past that have had heavy impact on my day to day activities.1 day I should post all of those who are responsible for my success so people know that very little of my success is attributed to me. I just put together other people’s works and applied it to what I do. My Solsbury Hill that has led to an extremely successful way to give my customers what they deserve and need to have an outstanding lifestyle. Some of these people are not gurus but have solid ideas that when you put them together with other ideas you can create amazing results.

On top of reading the above material it is essential that I become an expert in business and construction law, accounting and understanding overhead, fixed cost, lifestyle costs, where I am now and where I want to be costs, 1 state code and then individual city codes that have tougher requirements than the state, workman’s compensation laws, and finally understand how business works. Then I must keep up on the ever changing products and materials and when the government gets involved with the construction industry without having proper knowledge to make a smart decision.

Then there are the seminars, books and countless hours of trying to understand employees and the differences today between employees of today and those from the past. Today’s employees think they are entitled to any and all information. It is other people’s responsibility to get this information to him or her. Then you must discover a time for them to take this information, learn it, and then implement then expect to get paid for their time. It no longer is let me see how I can increase my value to the company and at the same time increase the company’s profit and my pay.

I have been through other sales training that the construction service trades have provided along with numerous webinars and seminars. What blows me away many of these gurus say call and talk to your connections, contacts, or clients yet rarely do they call. I’ve sent my number to a few that have claimed to make this” a to do” thing. In over a year they have not made the call. What you preach you should practice. These people have lost credibility in my book but this does not mean you cannot get a glimmer of information that is fantastic.

What I do has bits and pieces of what I have been taught over the years with all of these wonderful mentors and teachers. A vast majority of what I do is Biblical and can be found in Proverbs, Corinthians, Matthew, Romans and I named these as I named other sources in this post. To think that anyone could or would suggest 1 size fits all seems a little over the top. Without including your faith or spirituality is running away from your faith. Do not let your faith condemn others but discover common ground and create conversation to introduce people to observe your actions and words.

I realize that sometimes people including me may write things that I /we are extremely passionate about and seem to express that you should do it. It may seem that it is undeniably something that person will not change due to their success with whatever it is. Take that information and decide if it will work with what you do or if it can work. Change the” you should do it” to please give this a try and watch your sales grow. Most people who try change will try it a couple of times or weeks then throw the baby out with the bathwater. It took me more than 2 times to ride a bike without training wheels first. Instead of strongly suggesting something will not work give it a shot. Keep in mind also that many of these things have been taught since the computer age in the 80’s and is still being passed as fresh. When in fact the questions waste time not being direct enough to gather information that has a purpose. Care about your customer’s time and ask questions that are current and will get the answer you need. Stop the roundabout questions that steal time but you think makes you sound clever. Stop letting your past hold your today preventing a successful future.

This is where all of this must work with marketing, your niche, sales methodologies that walk produce results that will take care of all your company’s needs. When I read sales thoughts I must adapt them and see if they will align with the entire business plan that is mentioned so far in these threads. When I read things that say take time what should I compromise on and take time away to give time to outside forces that I do no control? If all you do is sell or market a little this is a good thread for you to start understanding and gaining knowledge to how a business works and then understand even more how decisions are made and why they are made. Many of us that do own a one man shop still only slaes and market a little. Many companies have to focus on at least 10 or more employees and their families to support. It stops being a me thing and how can I help my staff make a better living and give their families more. Hence my disdain for old school questions such as let’s see if we have a fit, instead of that show me how you can increase income for my staff and our company. Know my industry and how a company runs their business before you try to set up a meeting.

Between 1978 and 1993 the above things I had to think about, then we sold and I could think like an employee. During this time I could concentrate and give all my focus towards installation and sales which is the easiest part of a business. To the trainers and gurus I do not care if this angers you it is time to teach things that matter it. Practice what you preach. I would suggest that we get rid of the old time wasting questions trying to discover round about answers. Not all sales are about 12 million dollar deals and long sales cycles. The majority of sales happen with mom and pop shops that may employ a sole proprietor up to or more than 50 employees. Teach serious questions that will get to the point without wasting time of a very busy owner/manager that wears many hats that you do not understand or take the time to include with your process.

Whatever we can think of has already been thought of and implemented somewhere in the field of sales. Give credit where credit is due. Take credit if it is due. Know and understand all sales came from somewhere and has bits and pieces that make it what it is and that is the strength of gathering information and putting it together in an unstoppable fashion. The sales information is free to any and all who want to possess the knowledge and skill.



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