Nothing and Everything what is sales training?

Nothing and Everything what is sales training?

People buy all kinds of stuff to make their jobs and life easier. Frequently what is purchased is something that is old that will make the job easier but not always the best tool to purchase to make the job go smooth and quickly. Before purchasing make sure that the tool will take care of your job.

Sure there is no magic bullet that will guarantee a sale each and every time. To believe or insinuate that there is in my estimation is pretty outrageous and decreases your credibility. I also get a kick out of one size does not fit all and seems to enter into the fray when people in sales training have something they do or state questioned. Immediately when the foot is on the other side one size fits all is no longer a consideration. It is understandable that people have a passion for what they do but they must also understand that in conjunction with an unstoppable business practice may arise.

Do what I say and expect this result. Forget what others say just do what I say. Follow this design. Keep on trying and hope you get it right and keep going round and round gaining little or no ground. It also appears that words like ethics and integrity entered the equation when someone has passion about a personal belief and if you do not have the same belief that your ethics and integrity is in question. People an opinion is just that based on opinion and there are many different possibilities.

In sales the ethics and integrity is pretty basic. You do not want a business practice that takes advantage of people, selling products that are not necessary or needed just to make a sale. You do not sell by lying to the customer in order to make a sale. You do not sell a product by omitting facts that will make a difference in a person’s decision. Never omit information that can affect a person’s health. You do not manipulate a person in order to make a sale. These are not grey areas with integrity and ethics are pretty straight forward and should be understood easily by each person. We all know when excuses are made and what they sound like.

Traditional selling seems to have contradictions that sales people do not want to see or acknowledge. It is ok because I am performing the practice is the logic. Rolling through a stop sign is not stopping, would you want your child rolling through that stop sign with an 18 wheeler rolling to a stop also? Stop with the contradictions. Either it is ok or it is not, the size or scale has nothing to do with whether or not the contradictions should be acceptable. Stop creating grey areas where there are no grey areas. Check the contradictions prior to purchasing the training.

Sales are not challenging. Sales people make it so hard-hitting by making this tougher than it is. Treat each customer with respect. Ask questions that are respectful. Treat each person with kindness and caring with the intent giving them what is necessary. Instead we devise plans to create an atmosphere of wanting and use round about questions to discover answers. All you must do is drive the want to use you. The product and service is secondary people. The customer either needs the product and service or they do not.

Please do not make this, the customer does not know they may need what I have; I’ve never met a customer that did not know or realize they had an issue with something. I have met plenty of customers that did not feel the issue and therefore was not too concerned with taking care of that issue at this time. By all means inform the customer of items that will make their life easier and never be afraid to show the customer a better product that will take care of more issues. That is not in question.

Discover and investigate the training available to you. Then another decision must be made and that is what training best fits what you wish to accomplish. What kind of business and businesses practice do you want to partake? Do you want to turn over money and be less concerned with the how you turn dollars? Are you interested in a long term approach to build a company that is a difference maker in your community? Are you a company that builds families (employees)? Do you want to build the company for re-sale? Is your goal to be the top producing company in your community, state, or country?

Will you be spending money on turning the machine with new customers with a high advertising budget? Do you have a low budget for advertising and therefore need long term customers that will let every person they know about you? Is there medium income spent on advertising and are you attempting to bite at the heels of the big boys. How do you separate yourself from them?

Will you concentrate on social media to drive your business? How will you use social media? What is the best way to influence customers to visit you via social media? Which social media plan do you trust? How do you know who has the right system? Who has set the expectation and standard and why? Be careful with your selection. Once burned it is difficult to come back with a decision to give it a go once again. It is impossible to make the right decision every time.

There are so many different things you must take into consideration before making a decision concerning your company. My suggestion has always been combine sales training by using as much training as possible to make an exceptional business practice. Take the best from each and put them together. Never accept just 1 type sales training. Your company is more valuable and worth more to you then to believe that 1 person can fix the sales issues.

The reason that 1 person cannot fix your sales issue is: people learn by different ways. The training is taught in 1 way. Frequently it is in a school room setting and there are people that just cannot learn in that setting. Doing ride a longs are great however there are things done during ride along that are not witnessed by the student. It is impossible to cover all the important items in 1 week ride along and planet of education is missed. Some people need to do, to read, and to hear before the content is grasped. Others may need a combination and still others may need just 1 of those ways to learn. Training is given as one size fits all learn this way.

Be careful and decide what it is you want and need to grow your business before committingSelling-with-Substance to useless training.


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