Fate and fears


Have you grasped all of your fears and have you discovered the fate of your business? I recently had the opportunity to visit plumbers out of the state I live. During this trip I took different approach than I did in the past. I did not come to find clients. I came seeking knowledge. I wanted to know what is keeping these companies from doing their jobs and helping their customers instead of allowing others in the door to install the same products and services they offer and these others are doing it illegally. Why are consumers accepting the illegal work completed by unqualified and unskilled workers? Stop before you speak and think then think some more; quit blaming the consumer.

One of the biggest complaints I hear from companies are those people that are doing illegal work, and are unqualified, and unlicensed. The next complaint I hear is home centers selling products. There are Home Depots, Lowes, and Menards in this immediate area. These are large places that have purchasing power. However some of the local wholesalers are as a substantial and have as much buying power. If they would unite their buying strength with other wholesalers they could match or be bigger than the 3 home centers I mentioned. They are too busy fighting themselves that they forget the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

I visited companies that had many trucks parked in their parking lot. I walked into their businesses and asked different questions such as what are you experiencing that are different from the past? Why is this affecting you so deeply? What do you think you could be doing differently to increase your opportunities? It is apparent that many do not mind speaking about the issues they are facing. The problem is few are ready to take the right action to offset the problem they are facing. Frequently they do not believe the answer to the problem and in this case they are exactly the same as their customers. Why would they not be exactly like their customers?

Then I asked questions about their parked trucks and what they are doing to get the trucks on the road. They are telling me they were forced to downsize and do not have enough work if they were too hire people to fill the trucks. How is anyone forced to do things they do not want to do? Then I realized they were not exactly forced however in their mind their economics forced their hand in a decision. They are not sure what they must do in order to ensure work like they did in the past. This leads more questions about their past and how they operated their companies then as to now. They are not running the company any different than they have in the past with 1 exception and that is the yellow pages advertisements. They no longer are investing in the yellow page phone book to increase their phone calls. They are no longer spending the same amount of money due to less money entering into their company.

What are you doing to offset your current economy? Some have web sites some still have not effectively attacked the internet as a possible way to contribute to growth. These same companies are ignoring Face Book and Twitter or blogging but of course that won’t do much good in their estimation.

I asked simple question such as what are you getting from potential customers that are choosing to go a different direction. Many said the usual. If I was to ask what usual looks like to you what would it look like?When you know what “usual” is you can put in place a plan or strategy that will take care of the “usual” and make it harmless. Control what you can.

How are you separating yourself from the unlicensed and unqualified people doing installs out there? Then comes more questions if you could increase your sales by 40% would that be of interest? Flat out refusal to use sales. My purpose for this trip is to discover why these companies are not investing in their future. Finding clients that needs services to increase their income is the easy part. Getting them to move forward is something different especially due to what many companies have been through in the past.

I feel sorry for those small companies that trying to help and are introducing themselves to companies in need within the construction trades. Much of the reluctance is directly due to what has been taught in the past by the vast majority of sales organziations that really did have great intentions of doing good. As we all know the best of all intentions can cause severe pain and in this case the pain is a well thought out plan that went deep into the future was neglected for a return on investment immediately. There was not thought to the consumers feelings on what was being done to them and in turn little regard was given to the ethic sand integrity of those who were being taught. Many of these companies have been through the ringer with outside help that have taught them how to be defensive and how not to trust the sales world. Many have taught them to say they are not in sales and run from the word sales. Sales are an honorable profession.

How can you teach sales to those who need increased education in that area only to tell them that the word sales is a dirty word and perceived as a low life? There are jokes about used car sales people that use high pressure sales techniques and these same techniques are taught to those in the construction trades. One of the lines that are stated in order to manufacturer sales people is if you have not been thrown out or threatened by a customer to call the police you are not selling hard enough. What a load of crap to teach. If this is your philosophy you do need tossed out on your rear and kicked out of any and all professions. This is one of the things that I have heard from companies on this trip. They have spent thousands of dollars on training that was horrible and the business advice even worse.

Still others have told me horror stories about using destruction and disaster as a means to sell their products and services to customers and they are unable to do this and sleep at night. Many others have been told by trainers to forget about answering some objections and by –pass others. I understand why many companies are reluctant to want to spend money on good to great sales training. I understand why many of these people run when you mention sales.

There are qualified people out there that want to see you improve. They would like to see your business grow and for the right reasons. Those reasons are not greed on their part. They want you to be able to make a good profit, grow your business and exit the business with dignity. They would like to see you have an exit strategy before the business kills you. Before choosing the right strategy for you and your company understand what you are getting yourself into. Do not get caught up in the hype that typically surrounds a win win situation. Remember the old adage if it is too good to sound true it is.

Your fate is not set and there is still time to reset those fears and chase them away by choosing the right system for your company. Put things on paper that you would like to accomplish and how. Add to this list how you want to feel adding emotion to the list will force you to use it as a consideration in a choice. Ask the tough questions.


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