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There are countless people that work in the construction service industry second guessing without ever understanding or knowing the real reason why there sales and customer relations is slipping or has fallen off a cliff. The company is still able to exist however the money it used to make is a distant memory of good time. Some of these companies are living check to check and a small setback is devastating and puts the company in a tailspin.

To blame outside forces for the shortcomings seems rather bizarre yet it seems perfectly normal speaking to owners in the construction industry. Somehow chest pumping and beating on the chest occurs and the outward message is the customer is a moron and there stupidity is causing you all this grief. It seems as if the construction service provider is stating you are not going to make a fool out of me. This attitude must stop. It does not matter where you speak to construction service providers whether it is on Face Book, LinkedIn or on professional trades sites the message is perfectly clear. How could it possibly be the person running the company, the company policy, culture or business practices that are producing these horrific results with customer service and reaction.

I find it amazing that so many construction service focus groups or those that train these service providers are afraid to speak up and inform them of the real reasons why consumers act and react to the service provider in this manner. They would rather give them a loud of crap that insinuates that they need to charge more money when other things are broken. I can teach you how to make more money but if you do not fix your attitude then it means you still have the problem with a little more money. The result will always be the same. It is so obvious that the horrible attitudes about your customers are holding you back and distracting you from the company’s goal. Start impacting where your business is heading by deciding to change the constant with all of your customers and that is YOU.

A typical service provider is scratching their head saying; let me see who I can blame. I know let me blame the laid off person that is installing products illegally and without a license knocking down my pricing is the problem. Now with that there must be additional people or circumstances that I can blame. Oh wait there is another; it has to be those who are supplying those illegal criminals doing unqualified work with merchandise such as home centers. Those dastardly cartoon characters called home centers are one of the main culprits that have conspired to hurt the local small business person. Watch out for the anvil to be dropped off the roof while you’re wandering aimlessly walking the sidewalk heading for skid row while complaining about the low life scum and not changing the direction of YOUR company is heading. Find people who will be honest with you and tell you straight up what the problem is.

C’mon now it is time to stop blaming others for your decision making. Isn’t it time that you take responsibility for the choices you give to our customer. Frequently the choices are 1. Choose to move forward 2. The customer moves on and chooses someone else to install a product. Not much of a choice is it? Why would the customer want or need to have you do this for him or her? What makes you a better candidate? Why choose you?

How could an unqualified unlicensed individual get the job that you could not get? How did that person influence the customer to choose them over you a licensed qualified person? By the way this is the correct question you should be asking yourself. What would possess a home owner to pick an unqualified person? A service provider that is license, insured, and skilled showed a paper that suggested someone would beat any price by 10%. They were so upset by this offer that it was distracting their ability to focus on their own responsibility. Research what ten percent really means. On a thousand dollar job 10 is only 100.00. Are you seriously suggesting that you cannot separate you and your company from unqualified, unlicensed personnel or from your competition? Newsflash outside competition is not the problem. Get away from yes people or people that tell you outside forces that you cannot control are determining your life. Step out of your own way and see that you are the problem. Understand the customer and you are not holding conversations most likely you are telling them what to do.

Do not blame the unqualified person for being cheaper. That is not the reason a customer left you to pick another. You were there prior to the cheaper person. The customer went from you to the cheaper unqualified and unlicensed person. WHY? Stop guessing why and start asking the customer why they are not using you.

They are not using you for a reason and that reason is you have not driven the want to use you. You have not hit their reasons to use you or to get the job completed. The reason not to use you is a simple reason you’re pounding your chest and begging the customer to “pick me” without giving them a rock solid reason why they should use you. Because you are licensed is like telling your child not to something because you said so. Start discovering some of the reasons why people use you, start knowing these reasons versus guessing.

Start knowing that you have terrific customers that want to work with you. They called you to with you. They scheduled the service call to work with you. Start giving them reasons to work with you once you give the solution. Get serious and get it right start holding conversations with your customers and communicating the solution in terminology the customer can understand.

Start explaining in concise and precise terminology the job scope, how payment will be collected, when payment is expected, and what methods are acceptable ways to receive payment. What exactly you will be doing and what others must do and how payment is affected and will it wait until all aspects of the job are completed. When it is written payment due at the completion of the job and a fence is laying on the ground completion of that job is not done. Your portion may be complete however fulfillment of the job is not complete. It is your job to write a proper contract. Start changing the only constant with every customers and that constant is sadly you. The distraction is you.

are your excuses larger than your dreams


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