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Eloquent Expressive Narrative Conversation

Eloquent Expressive Narrative Conversation

Today is the beginning of new and exciting future for you. Will you choose to take advantage of this golden opportunity? Now is the time to decide the direction of your tomorrow. 2015 is beckoning for a continuation of your growth of 2014. This past year drove many companies to discover a way to deliver extraordinary and over the top customer service and experience. Giving their customers different experiences then they have ever had in the past from any service provider.

This has led many companies to try a different approach delivering better solutions to consumers. In order to facilitate change with their customers companies have to make a decision concerning the direction of their company. This direction has the company moving forward and typically not walking in familiar territory. A change from the normal performance of business to an exchange of ideas increasing the customer’s involvement from diagnostic, covering multiple options, and budget.

The transformation is with the communication, replacing your conservative communication with effective conversation driving your exchange of descriptive phrasing that thrusts a picture of the positive ownership exchange between buyer and seller. The consumer must place them self in a position to understand and to become part of the decision making process of the sale. This is the exciting change that will take place.

Now is the time you should start to give the customer ideas that will assist them decide what is in their best interest and fits into their budget and alleviate any issues preventing her from moving forward. Frequently in the construction service trades the technician will tell the consumer a choice perhaps 2 choices. The consumer realizes neither of the choices is viable and chooses to let you go and try someone else and improve the choices.

The 2 choices frequently given the consumer are to make a repair or to do nothing. What would multiple choices given to the consumer look like to you and your buyer and how would it affect their decisions? What if she knew and understood the ease of something new? What if you are able to convey a message and a product that encouraged and compelled the consumer too purchase a better product that produces superior results than the old existing product.

Will you give yourself the authority to positively move your company in a new direction that brings excitement and renewed joy driving your ability to increase your potential earnings and profits? You do control the ability to make choices. What choice will you make today?

Decide to increase your ability to communicate driving conversation that will change your life and those that are around you. This includes your customers by giving them better solutions that allow them to want to use your products and services. Then it will affect all of the people that surround you personally such as family and friends. In conclusion it will affect your co-workers and employees due to conveying descriptive and graphic concepts that presents ideas that are clear and precise painting a colorful image with their words. Their words will match their actions.
vision and success
Are you ready to make that decision? Will you make decision?

Practice Better Business


Decisions to make with Your Company

Decisions to make with Your Company

Whenever I get involved in a discussion with construction trade professionals concerning sales an amazing fact keeps leaping to the front of the line. I discovered this fact while I was working as a service sales plumber in a truck. Our owner would try anything that he believed would and could have helped his staff become more effective with their ability to help his customers. The training should have helped. However it failed miserably.

It was not due to the owner that the effort failed. The trusted advisors of the well-known sales help and companywide educational organizations failed this owner and many other owners and companies due to the exact same reason. They excelled at sales however they were extremely poor at discovering real problems and providing long term solutions that would create success.

My discovery and declaration of these organizations is they have not learned how to sell or educate properly. These contractors and employees have searched for sales training when they should be searching for other items including how my staff learns. They find sales training, get sold and then decide to invest in the training without considering, how they learn, why they need to sell, how they will sell, or what they will sell.

There may be a consultation with the sales trainer most likely the consultation is with a person that is ready, willing, and quite able to convince you to pay 10,000 or more dollars a year to join their chapter or group. What good is that training when you or the sales trainer has not found out your core beliefs? You must discover what is holding back the company instead frenzy is built that overwhelms. What is most likely to stop you in your tracks from selling? What is stopping you from moving forward with a sales system? What have you done up to this point? Why did it not work? Why did you give it up? Why did you not stay with it? What did you like about it and what did you not like about it? Are you committed?

What is it that you like about sales? What do you not like about selling situations? Why do you think the way that you do? What is your support system like? How do you continue with your ongoing training? What drives your training? What have you seen? What have you done? What have you heard?

If you have invested in training and help in the past why has it failed? Some of these trusted advisors will pick up a phone and decide to ask questions without visiting the company and understanding firsthand how your company is in an unorganized chaos. They expect you as an owner to tell them truthfully. A good rule with sales is the customer may tell you things truthfully however it may not be true. They have information and the information is wrong. Very rarely will you hear a person, especially an owner say; I have been running my company wrong or into the ground. As an organization you will hear I am not making money.

Then questions like what is your overhead? What is your breakeven? You need to charge more. These remedies seem to spew out without direction. The organization is expecting you to understand business and you are joining them due to wanting to expand your education with your business acumen. This is crazy and sort of like allowing the alcoholic to serve drinks and collect money at a bar. Stop allowing the inmates to run the asylum.

What is it that you need? What is it that you want? Where do you want to be in 1 year? Where do you see your company in 3 years and then 5 years? What is your plan? How will you get there? How will you sell?
Don't fear change,change fear

I am here to inform you that you must jump in and get your feet wet. It is understood that you drank a lot of Kool-Aid in the past .You are reluctant to drink from the well of broken promises and dreams. However there is a need to give a little more you for your future. It is a simple procedure. In a few steps you can have a break out year. Answer the questions asked above and now you may be able to implement the strategies below.

It starts with step 1, defining and determining your GOALS. What are your goals with customer service and experience with you and your company? What are your company goals? What are your personal goals? How can you tie these goals together? Each goal must be dependent upon each other and a plan to reach those goals. Your customer allows you to reach your company goals that will pay you and then give you the means to reach your personal goal. Once you have clearly defined the customer, professional and personal goals you then can head to step 2.

Step 2 is a COMMITMENT to do what is necessary to follow up on your goals. You cannot be half in and half out and expect to reach your goals. There is a demand to be all in with your words and actions to fulfill your dreams. The commitment stage is 2 phases. The first phase is a commitment to stop doing what you have always done in the past. Let me cover that a gain as it is the most important phase of stage 2. You must forget and leave behind the land of what was and move into the land of what will become your future. Make this commitment to you, spouse, children and employees. Most importantly make this commitment to your customers.

Step 3 is a byproduct of step 2. Sharpen your LISTENING skills. Close your mouth and listen to the customer. Practice with your spouse and friends in order to build a new belief system. When your spouse or friends speak, shut up; do not respond with something that you know. Decide to ask a question about the things you have heard. Let them react and respond to your question. Once again do not react to their reply respond and ask another question about their response. The purpose is to gain confirmation about a fact they stated. You will start to see a change with their eagerness to give you more information and they will be happier. This stage is difficult as you will change your behavior from center stage to a developer.

Step 4 is dependent upon step 3. Your COMMUNICATION skill must take a giant leap forward. The communication you employ is based on what the customer states to you. It is essential to use the same powerful descriptive words to describe your solution. An example is my faucet is too hard to turn on and off. Typically a plumber would present it this way. This faucet is broke and needs fixed. It is an old faucet and should be replaced or they may state I have parts in my truck and can fix it. Some may say,I have a faucet in my truck and it is x amount.

Mrs. Client I have a faucet that works with a single finger and is extremely easy to use. Would you like to give it a try? Notice how the handle is formed for ease of operation. The best thing is you will get years of use before you will need me again. Let’s go take it to the (sink) and see how it would look.

Which way entices a buyer to buy? Which way engages the customer to act in a particular way? Which way increases the desire to have the new faucet? There is no end to where this could help the customer. She could say since we are doing the faucet can I have a new sink? Would you like a new sink also? It will also give you the freedom to suggest a new sink.

Decide today to implement these 4 basic strategies and Practice Better Business. Decide today to use words that encourage the customer to take action. It is time to stop being boringly predictable. It is time to learn how to sell.

Why is the construction service industry in the shape it is?

Why is the construction service industry in the shape it is?
The plumbing industry has lost its strong reputation it once held. Plumbers were once held in high esteem. The question is how the plumbing industry lost that esteem. Here is 1 reason and we will cover others that need addressed and repaired before the industry can change the perception many consumers have of the construction trade service industry. Last week I experienced this very example and it is mind boggling that other plumbers have no sense at all and will tear down the very industry they are trying to make a decent living.

A customer calls us and tells us that her home has no water. This is a rental property and she wants to know why there is no water. She also wants to know how much all of this investment will cost her. This is a good question and is understandable given that it is an investment property. Without proper diagnostics no one can give a price without investigating the problem first there is NO plumber alive that could have given her an idea of cost without scheduling an appointment. Some super plumbers will try to convince people they can see underground and can automatically give a price, most will be wrong and in this case all of them would be incorrect. There is no way to price this job over the phone however plumbers will try and devalue their profession by pricing this job over the phone and give a low ball price that lends a hand into devaluing the profession.

Oh by the way this home is located in the county. How is that of any use? The county has potable water provided by the county and there are wells that the home owner owns supplying water too many homes in the county. You still do not know or understand why there is no water and still cannot price this job over the phone.

Our bill to the customer was 700 dollars to diagnose and get her water. 2 plumbers told her it was outrageous. How could they possibly say that without being there to diagnose the job? Oh wait they used our diagnostics to price over the phone. None of the leg work was completed by these 2 morons who just devalued the plumbing profession and helped confuse a consumer towards the honesty of other plumbers. They instead thought pounding their chests while misleading the consumer was the right way to go. Once the consumer read our diagnostics to the non-professional plumbers 1 from Sarasota and the other from Tampa, Florida they decided they could and were able to price the job.

Now remember the home owner had no idea whether she was on county water or on a well. We arrived to discover county provided the water. No padlock on the meter for lack of payment. No water at the hose faucet on the side of the home. We disconnected the main water and discovered no water prior to the shutoff valve. This told us the problem was between the curb shutoff, water main, and something in the line itself buried under ground. We then disconnected the water at the meter to discover plenty of water at that point. This means the blockage was somewhere within the 60-70 feet between the water meter and the house.

There is no backflow preventer to the potable system and none on the irrigation line that has no protection of the domestic water system. Remember those two non-professional plumbers told this customer that they would not have charged for trial and error to discover where the problem may be hiding. This is an outright lie. The diagnostics that is free for all is yes you have no water. After that the diagnostics to provide a solution start and along with the clock with charging per hour or diagnostic charges per flat rate.

We started to dig the water service up to expose the piping. Up to this point we have given the customer prices to do the diagnostics which she approved. We discovered a check valve buried under ground. A PVC check valve is not an approved safety device to protect the potable water system. The potable water system is the domestic water for cooking, cleaning, and drinking water that enters your home. In our area a backflow device is required when there is an alternate source of water. This device typically is installed 12 inches above ground and is not allowed to be buried under ground.

This home owner hired an illegal, unqualified person to install her irrigation. They installed an unapproved device underground without informing the home owner. This means this device should not have been installed underground or anywhere for that matter. There is NO reason to look for this piece installed illegally and improperly. However the 2 nonprofessional plumbing companies thought it was in the plumbing industry’s best interest to neglect informing this customer of that fact and went on to blast another plumbing company’s price to discover the problem and provide a proper solution. The problem discovered is the check valve failed and would not open. The solution to remedy the problem remove the check valve and install the proper back flow devices. The customer called these 2 idiots and gave them our diagnostics and the idiots priced the job from our diagnostics. Now all plumbers are crooks and dishonest according to these two idio0ts in the plumbing profession.

The second problem facing out industry is the willingness to hire criminals. Our industry for years pulled its work force from prisons that taught the trades to the inmates. By no means am I saying not to give people second changes. However you must protect your customers first. Instead of providing free classes to inmates we must make available training for those outside of prisons to learn the trade. It is essential that the trades enter the public school system to help promote the trades during job fair days at public schools. This is a huge problem facing our industry. This could be an article by itself.

This is huge, the industry needs to start increasing pay scales for the employees. This will attract a greater base to choose and pick the right people to visit with consumers. Increasing pay alone will not increase the ability to attract fantastic people to employ. The industry must improve the reputation of the industry as a whole. Once the industry changes the perception of the plumber or HVAC installer, electrician the chances of bringing in new blood that will generate excitement within the industry it will never change.

Our products have changed and are reaching into the 21st century with the introduction of all of the green products. We must provide a higher training regimen to learn trouble shooting that will increase the stress to learn more than what used to be considered the normal learning curve. This means thinking outside of each person’s comfort level is essential .It has been proven to be extremely difficult to implement change and education now with the changes that have taken place since 1980 in our industry.

Business acumen is a disaster in the industry at this time. Way to many owners are in business despite horrible business practices. Years past bad practices would allow a business to stay in business. Today bad practices have companies here today and gone tomorrow destroying trust with consumers and creditors. Too many suppliers would rather have relationships with consumers than with construction trades people. Consumers pay today with credit cards, checks, or cash. A new concept of having business education is fundamental with today’s companies so that they may endure hard times and still make good decisions.

Many of the companies are copying their past employers business practices as their own business practices. Thusly passing on horrible business practices without knowing they are bad for them and their company. They saw it work for their old employer. They did not see or understand how hard their past employer had to work in order to make to work. Their old employer did not tell them when they did not take a paycheck or when things were tough. They wanted to keep their guys working.

These are just a few of the items that need addressed in this profession. There are a few more that need a light to shine upon in order to force change. These items are basic to change before any other change can occur.

Time to do research and increase the perception of the industry by changing our actions and reactions. It is time for change even though you do not believe the time for action is now. Today is the day to regain the reputation that is long lost. It is time that the industry no longer cut down their peers to build themselves up. Learn how to sell yourself with a positive light.


Why the Indifference? Customer is standing their ground.

Don't fear change,change fear
Why the Indifference? Customer is standing their ground.

Start taking more upfront time. You’re experiencing buyer’s remorse. The reason the customer is feeling indifference. You arrived, looked at the job, priced it up, started work and collected and left. Badda bing customer has no reason to trust you and wants to call around and check your prices.

Up front time is the time you take to discover stuff out about your customer. It does not necessarily have to be about the plumbing issue, it can be personal stuff. If you’re unwilling to do this be sure you are able to talk to them about their home. Give them tips on how to prevent certain things from happening over and over.

Not everybody can discuss personal stuff. I would propose that you discover how to do this and then become comfortable doing this. My customers know they can tell me anything and frequently do. I can then also talk to them about what is going on in their life or what has gone on in their home in the past. This way I become knowledgeable with their home. They are MY customer and I am their faithful advisor. I understand and know what they want with repairs or replacements, I know what they will spend and how they will respond and react.

Very rarely should you have customer’s that price shop you after the job. Why: there is no reason to do that even though you may be in the top 5% of service providers. What the client receives is overwhelmingly worth more than the dollars he or she has spent in the past with others. Giving excellent service with solving their problems, better than that become fantastic at having people feel great after you leave. Customers do not care that you are a genius. Most of the service providers are and that explains exactly why a lot of plumbers/service providers lose jobs to home centers, handymen and unqualified unlicensed people. That is exactly why people question the prices a lot of plumbers give them before and after the job is complete. That is why people question the amount of time it takes instead of congratulating you on the skill and knowledge you possess. By the way when you lose jobs it is generally due to: things we do, don’t do, things we say, and don’t say. You do not lose the jobs to those other places and people, they do not take the jobs from us, and the job is lost by you. It is much easier to blame other than take responsibility.

Another reason why customers have issues with their service providers is the service provider did not listen or comprehend what they have read or heard. Then they refuse to confirm what they have read or heard. The other day I posted a picture of illegal work from an unqualified person that installed a water heater improperly. In the very first sentence I stated that code required an electrical upgrade that by law requires a qualified licensed Electrical Contractor. In the post was a shameless plug for the electricians company.

A plumber thought it was his business to post I would have at least installed an electrical piece on the water heater. Trying to pound his chest saying you did not do it correctly either. If this is done in a conversation with peers then it certainly happens when speaking to a customer. Here are the problems with the post. The piece was not enough to bring the connection to code, 2nd it as not about that plumber the article was on illegal and unqualified people doing illegal work. 3rd the first post said an electrical contractor was hired to bring it up to code and pull a permit why would a plumber do something with the electric when a licensed qualified electrician would be there to complete the work? Understand what you have heard or read and then make serious suggestions for the solution to the customer. A customer knows when you are not sincere or trying to aimlessly pursue conversation to try and convince him or her to move forward.

I enjoy real life and real world stories that illustrates precisely why our words affect and engage a customer to buy or to send you away. During a recent conversation concerning water heaters a plumber made a statement that she repaired water leaks above an older water heater. As soon as the customer started to write the check to pay for the job the she decided to replace the water heater. This plumber was bragging that she collected the repair and a brand new install of a water heater. In this conversation it was brought up that the water lines would have been included in the water heater install. The replacement heater had to be scheduled for a different day.

My question was simple, precise and concise. Why didn’t you present the replacement heater and repair at the same time and do they both that day? Next thing I knew this person responded by saying they do not use trickery and will not push a customer into making a decision. Nowhere in my question is an accusation of trickery or pushing anyone into a purchase. Nowhere in her response is acknowledgement that both the repair and replacement was given to the home owner.

This is an indication that service providers react versus thinking about a response. Then becoming defensive with their customer and over reacting. If a service provider becomes defensive like this with peers they become defensive with their customer and over reacting is normal. How you react is your history and what you practice, you are in real life. It is that simple.

What this service provider did was not wrong, the majority of service providers provide this kind of service to the majority of customers. It is what many of them were taught and have passed from 1 company to another. You learned from Joe who learned from Charlie who learned from Jim who learned from so and so. It is the way business is run and has run for many years.

Decide today to start a different process with your clients. Give them the best that you can give and start servicing your customers. You should be the best servant possible while giving the gifts that you have to the customer. These gifts are communication, smile, happy to be there with him or her. Start giving the customer real deserving solutions to their problems that prevent possible problems in the future. It is within your power to provide this to your clients


Practice Better Business

We must accept the consequences of our words

images of words
We must accept the consequences of our words

Have you ever experienced something that just pulled at you until you finally gave into it? This past week I have experienced just that thing. All week there has been something that has been pulling at me and screaming until I finally paid attention to the screams. Finally the deafening screams became loud and caught my awareness to put an action with the screams.

The original concept came to me when I heard a “you tube” video go viral on Victoria Osteen. She was explaining joy and you. I do believe her worlds got caught up in the frenzy. My interpretation of what she was expressing is God is joyful when we are joyful. God loves it when we are joyful; when you are joyful you can do amazing things. However it came out do it for you and not for God. Come to church for yourself and not God. My thought is if you go to church God is present and will find you. Any reason you go to church is fine with me as God should be present in a God based church.However some people are going off on her words and they should know better. I also know that we must take responsibility for our words. We must also be ready to accept the consequences of our words.

After I observed the video and then started to see the reaction towards Mrs. Osteen there was a natural obsession to want to know and learn more. I posted on Face Book and then I posted on LinkedIn. Amazingly on LinkedIn a poster told me I was not being professional for posting this on that site and that it could blow up and it did not belong on LinkedIn. It belonged on Facebook. As if LinkedIn is above reproach. There is far more drama and garbage on LinkedIn than a question asked about your thoughts on Victoria Osteen’s statement.

During the week a plumber asked a question concerning buyers’ remorse. Every plumber that responded with expectation of one and that 1 is me thought it was the customer that was off their rocker. More than 1 plumber has a belief that people are evil and conniving. Some of the plumbers believe that consumers plan this stuff out and are all about cheating the plumber. Not 1 of the other plumbers think it could have been what they had said or what they did not say that caused the buyer’s remorse. Anyone that has ever dealt with buyer’s remorse with customers will know that it is typically words that are spoken both verbally and non-verbally by the sales person/service provider.

Sunday the sermon spoke on how the tongue is powerful for such a small thing. It has the power to tear down, the power to start wars, the power to destroy reputations, the power to influence, start arguments, separate families, and hurt people emotionally. Amazing how words used can turn destructive without anyone knowing why or understanding words are the cause.

Every wonder why?

My beliefs are words are small, the tongue should not be taken so seriously but sadly it is. However it is not believed by people to be that powerful until it is researched and found to be the cause. I am amazed at how many people fear the spoken word from people. Many are afraid to speak out against other people’s words for fear of repercussions that can be hurled their way. These words can damage and destroy and most people do not want anything to do with the end result right or wrong. Words casn tear people down. It is extremely difficult to control a tongue given free reign.

The next thing that screamed at me to write something: faith with works. I can have silent faith and how will that witness to others that I have faith that works and performs those works? By letting it go and just sitting on the sidelines without getting in the game will not show my faith with works. Sitting on the sidelines, what does that project about me? How can I feel the way I do versus when I am in active and my works align with my words?

Your words have power. It can move people, motivate them to do things that they normally do not do. Your words can change minds. It may open a person’s mind to different possibilities. It may motivate some to think outside of their comfort zone and change direction. Words create your character. Words will back up your actions. Words can change the first impressions. Words can build people up.

Our words create followers that will become leaders of other people due to their words. I am positive that I do not want people to lead others that use their words to beat down and defeat another person. I want leaders that can say: the words spoken have meaning however the way it came out may not be the way that is exactly what is right and good. Give the benefit of the doubt when there is wiggle room for the benefit of doubt due to works in the past. At 58 years old I have experienced a few different decades that definitely showcased different ways to express behaviors that are were not acceptable behavior patterns. I used to say you are wrong and that would not hurt feelings but the way society babies people you must watch what you say and how you say it. He meaning of what you are saying is not caught but what you are doing and how it is done for some reason becomes the focal point versus what someone has done.

Words of Condemnation are harsh especially when it is over words having been: misspeak or a mistake. Become a builder instead of a destroyer. Explain and give the right information in order that a learning experience is now possible to lead to a better life and decision. Choose to change a life for better.

As easy as it is to have words change direction on a daily occurrence with any person at any time why is it so far off that this will happen during a sale with a consumer? As often as this happens I amazed that it does not happen more often in the service industry. Oh wait it does happen however most sales people will not recognize it as an occurrence and that qualifies customers as idiots. Imagine this you become a customer at some point and time and must be qualified as the same. It is time to start treating your customer as an intelligent honest trustworthy consumer that deserves your respect and start having a conversation and share information. It is time to start listening to the customer and hearing intent, content, and in the proper context.

It is time to open your mind and eyes and start to take notice that the majority of times that a sale does not go forward, buyer’s remorse, or any other excuse that we give for a consumer not to move forward. Is it possible that communication may be at the core of the resistance? Everything is ok until it’s not is a lyric from Michael Stanley and it is time to recognize that it is perhaps you that prevents the sale and the customer is waiting for you to tell them why you are correct.

Words are the cure. When you are searching for the truth, do not look inside yourself. Remember you are the one that is confused.power-of-words1


Practice Better Business

Get a system and stick to it.

Don't fear change,change fear

Get a system and stick to it.

I just love back handed compliments when people do not share the same opinion. There is a person asking about relationship selling and it is obvious that she does not share in the success of this type sales strategy. There are 2 questions she wants answered or addressed. There is a person asking about relationship selling and there are 2 questions she wants answered or addressed. The 2 questions are: “ Do you assign them a relationship quota or do they have to actually close deals and make it rain? How do you evaluate a sales rep that comes empty handed but tells you: “Hey, I made a lot of friends this month”? I look forward to hear all your opinions and insights”.

However here are some simple volleying questions back to those 2 questions and they are: 1.Why would it be any different than any other sales model out there? 2. Trying to discredit something while you want an explanation discredits that person and their real aim.3. Do you know what a company’s true purpose is in order to stay in business? If you did know and understand what a company’s true purpose is to stay in business you would know the 2 questions asked are not relevant or hold any truths.

Is there a quota? Absolutely, the majority of companies have quotas for their sales teams to meet and or exceed. Why would they not? All Businesses have costs to do business called overhead and when they are not met it is extremely difficult to keep people employed and keep the company in business without going bankrupt. Your sales and marketing should be relentless in the pursuit of profit in order to remain in business if not then you have the wrong idea and need to get in the game and be competitive.

A sales rep that comes in empty handed, why in the world would this be any different? Once again why would this be any different than any other sales model or business practice? Why did the sales rep come in empty handed? Why did you as a sales manager, manager, or owner allow this to happen? Who is running the company the sales rep or the people managing the company? I would have to pull the manager into my office and ask how they could have let someone slip all month without discovering where they needed help and give it to him or her. Perhaps it is time for a new direction and management.

Putting this in perspective the concept of business is to turn a profit. What is the best way to turn a profit? This is where it starts to get dangerous for some in business. It is extremely difficult to decide on the right strategy that will deliver profits that you need and or desire due to so many different strategies being presented to you all the time. Frequently the problem isn’t so much how or why to implement this or that, the problem is many people have businesses without having the proper education to run the business.

Many start up by learning what their boss did and how they ran the company. This is easily recognized by similar business practices, same invoices, same billing practices and even pricing structure. At other times it is determined by what they have witnessed in the past by other companies or what someone else is doing that seems to be highly successful. The knowledge is limited at best and it seems like a game of tag is always being played. This equates into a feeling of starting the game over time and time again. Who do you believe and who do you listen too? It is a tough choice to make. All too often the choice is made due to hearing the same old tired practices over and over and something new to you is thrown to the side

Everything is right until it is wrong. I have a certain way I do things does not mean I am spot on and right and others are wrong? No it does not mean that at all what it means is I have been successful at what I have done. I will defend what I do especially if I know something is not right that someone is stating it is the right thing to do or someone is trying to manipulate others into thinking it will not work. I will also give the information I have gathered and pass it to others to try and give them an opportunity to reach higher quicker and to by-pass the obstacles in the road way. It is your choice to accept or take the bumpy road to success. Eventually some will reach the road at their pace. You will reach it when you are supposed to reach the proper height.

To get back to the original questions if you run the business lousy, you will receive lousy numbers in return. It actually is a very simple formula with business. You must have a plan laid out and approximate view on how you want to get there and a separate plan when you must change the original. You must have a budget to know what you are spending and when and if none exists you are on the verge of a long kiss goodnight.

Finally no customer = no money which means= no profits=which means Going Out Of Business Sale=which means looking for work

Whatever sales practice you choose do it well and commit to it as a business practice.

Finally no customer = no money which means= no profits=which means Going Out Of Business Sale=which means looking for work


Business Practices: Locked in Chains Stuck in the ways of the past

Define success
Business Practices:
Locked in Chains Stuck in the ways of the past

There are times that I say things without thinking it out completely. Funny how sometimes things are said and then regret steps in only to give way to it’s not my problem. The person that the words are meant to inspire seem to agitate and stir a fire that ends up doing what it was intended to do and that is to reinvestigate the thought pattern and a routine that is no longer working.

Do you ask for forgiveness or is it better to ask permission? If it is for a good purpose why is either necessary? We are not fighting, I only want what is best for you today and tomorrow and researching it will improve and make a better tomorrow. If you and I are fighting then we are not winning we are definitely losing the battle of rock star rock solid business practices. When we blame others no one wins.

My job and it’s a major task is to make you think. I am here to change thoughts and the process that you deliberate. Hopefully you will see that perception is determined by where you sit. The perception when seen from a different perspective will frequently give you different results that were hidden by the first row of trees in the forest. I am going to steal a phrase; trouble with the curve.

I have seen people who have been doing the wrong thing for 30 years yet for some strange reason they have kept spinning the right lottery numbers and refuse to see anything different then what they have experienced. I’ve looked the same for well over 30 years however that does not mean I am a handsome individual. Just because something has worked for a long time does not mean it is the correct thing to do.

For me it is extremely difficult to watch a person travel down the wrong road thinking they are doing right. I know they can be doing so much better. The reason I know this, is the road I traveled is the same long and winding road they are speeding down without knowing what is up ahead.

There is no agenda for me giving you this information. There is nothing for me to gain when or if you were to implement different strategies that will increase your ability to create better and more business. It does very little for me when you increase your profitability. I know a company that has increased their tickets by 40%. This increase has not increased my profit nor has it increased the quality of my life.

What it has done for me is make me so proud of this company that they put their pride and ego aside to listen. When it made sense they were able to grasp how it could change their perspective which in turn could change their reality. What I gained is feeling good due to making a difference in the lives of many people.

Can I guarantee the same increase this company has enjoyed? The only way to guarantee success is to listen, learn, and then implement a new strategy. The next step is to commit to change, and then commit to staying with something that you know takes time. Some of you have been in business for generations. Bad habits have been collected over 20-30 years and to expect those to be gone over night would be like stealing a halo and thinking that all of the sudden you are a saint after being a sinner all your life. What I have to do to insure your success is to be available to you for questions and answers when you get stuck. Guess that means you are stuck with me and I am stuck with you.

Decide today that you want a better way of life. Decide today that change is necessary. Decide to research this change and find the resource that will best fit what you need. Get honest facts that give you the knowledge that when something is fixed that you will have decent profits that you can rely on to gain hope and secure your future.

Start today to communicate with a smile knowing that you have completed a job and it has been well done and well said. Understand and align the customer’s reasons to move forward and have happier over the top joyful customers that want to see you again soon. Keep in mind that it is no skin off my back to see you make profits and become successful. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Unlock those chains from the past and free yourself from the past. Start a new routine that will lead you down Success Avenue and Freedom Road at the crossroads of Leaving the past behind and forward to the future.Crossroads Yesterday Tomorrow dreamstime_16469710

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What is the real problem? Get it right


There are countless people that work in the construction service industry second guessing without ever understanding or knowing the real reason why there sales and customer relations is slipping or has fallen off a cliff. The company is still able to exist however the money it used to make is a distant memory of good time. Some of these companies are living check to check and a small setback is devastating and puts the company in a tailspin.

To blame outside forces for the shortcomings seems rather bizarre yet it seems perfectly normal speaking to owners in the construction industry. Somehow chest pumping and beating on the chest occurs and the outward message is the customer is a moron and there stupidity is causing you all this grief. It seems as if the construction service provider is stating you are not going to make a fool out of me. This attitude must stop. It does not matter where you speak to construction service providers whether it is on Face Book, LinkedIn or on professional trades sites the message is perfectly clear. How could it possibly be the person running the company, the company policy, culture or business practices that are producing these horrific results with customer service and reaction.

I find it amazing that so many construction service focus groups or those that train these service providers are afraid to speak up and inform them of the real reasons why consumers act and react to the service provider in this manner. They would rather give them a loud of crap that insinuates that they need to charge more money when other things are broken. I can teach you how to make more money but if you do not fix your attitude then it means you still have the problem with a little more money. The result will always be the same. It is so obvious that the horrible attitudes about your customers are holding you back and distracting you from the company’s goal. Start impacting where your business is heading by deciding to change the constant with all of your customers and that is YOU.

A typical service provider is scratching their head saying; let me see who I can blame. I know let me blame the laid off person that is installing products illegally and without a license knocking down my pricing is the problem. Now with that there must be additional people or circumstances that I can blame. Oh wait there is another; it has to be those who are supplying those illegal criminals doing unqualified work with merchandise such as home centers. Those dastardly cartoon characters called home centers are one of the main culprits that have conspired to hurt the local small business person. Watch out for the anvil to be dropped off the roof while you’re wandering aimlessly walking the sidewalk heading for skid row while complaining about the low life scum and not changing the direction of YOUR company is heading. Find people who will be honest with you and tell you straight up what the problem is.

C’mon now it is time to stop blaming others for your decision making. Isn’t it time that you take responsibility for the choices you give to our customer. Frequently the choices are 1. Choose to move forward 2. The customer moves on and chooses someone else to install a product. Not much of a choice is it? Why would the customer want or need to have you do this for him or her? What makes you a better candidate? Why choose you?

How could an unqualified unlicensed individual get the job that you could not get? How did that person influence the customer to choose them over you a licensed qualified person? By the way this is the correct question you should be asking yourself. What would possess a home owner to pick an unqualified person? A service provider that is license, insured, and skilled showed a paper that suggested someone would beat any price by 10%. They were so upset by this offer that it was distracting their ability to focus on their own responsibility. Research what ten percent really means. On a thousand dollar job 10 is only 100.00. Are you seriously suggesting that you cannot separate you and your company from unqualified, unlicensed personnel or from your competition? Newsflash outside competition is not the problem. Get away from yes people or people that tell you outside forces that you cannot control are determining your life. Step out of your own way and see that you are the problem. Understand the customer and you are not holding conversations most likely you are telling them what to do.

Do not blame the unqualified person for being cheaper. That is not the reason a customer left you to pick another. You were there prior to the cheaper person. The customer went from you to the cheaper unqualified and unlicensed person. WHY? Stop guessing why and start asking the customer why they are not using you.

They are not using you for a reason and that reason is you have not driven the want to use you. You have not hit their reasons to use you or to get the job completed. The reason not to use you is a simple reason you’re pounding your chest and begging the customer to “pick me” without giving them a rock solid reason why they should use you. Because you are licensed is like telling your child not to something because you said so. Start discovering some of the reasons why people use you, start knowing these reasons versus guessing.

Start knowing that you have terrific customers that want to work with you. They called you to with you. They scheduled the service call to work with you. Start giving them reasons to work with you once you give the solution. Get serious and get it right start holding conversations with your customers and communicating the solution in terminology the customer can understand.

Start explaining in concise and precise terminology the job scope, how payment will be collected, when payment is expected, and what methods are acceptable ways to receive payment. What exactly you will be doing and what others must do and how payment is affected and will it wait until all aspects of the job are completed. When it is written payment due at the completion of the job and a fence is laying on the ground completion of that job is not done. Your portion may be complete however fulfillment of the job is not complete. It is your job to write a proper contract. Start changing the only constant with every customers and that constant is sadly you. The distraction is you.

are your excuses larger than your dreams

Government mandate on water heaters

Behind the 8 ball
Commencing in April of 2015 all water heaters will become federally mandated to meet guaranteed and certified energy savings that will save you on your energy costs. Loosely translated this means and will affect all water heaters and specifically targets water heaters with a capacity of 50 gallons and above. What that means to you the consumer is you must surrender additional money to replace your water heater and to earn the energy savings.

All water heater manufacturers will be obliged to meet specific challenges with energy ratings that will match an energy percentage saved. A few years ago this was accomplished by switching from fiberglass insulation to foam insulation. To maintain certain specifications such as size to meet dimension limitations in condos and apartment buildings the manufacturers decided to decrease the volume of water in the tanks to keep the same size tank.

Simply stated a 40 gallon water heater decreased in volume from 40 to 38 gallons. To meet the new federally mandated water heaters any size below 50 gallons will either have to greatly decrease in the volume of water in order to fit size constraints and meet the energy demands. What this means to the consumer is all manufacturers will have to retool their companies? This means the cost of the smaller water heaters will increase dramatically conversely decrease in water capacity.

Larger electric water heaters will become a hybrid type heater. In order to meet the federally mandated energy rating a heat pump system must be installed on top of the heater. This will at least triple the cost of the heater plus install. In addition to this new requirement many of the local communities are demanding a permit and inspection be added to the cost of the water heater. This also includes an electrical permit to upgrade the electric to meet new codes. This means an electrician is now required. Keep in mind the plumbing company will need to have people on their staff take time to pull the permit, the cost of the permit will not be the cost at the permit office. Some areas are still in the 1900’s and do not use the computer as an effective office tool and this forces a company to physically send someone to the permit office and this at times can take hours. I have waited 4 hours in a permit office and someone is responsible to pay this added costs associated with water heater installs.

Our recommendation is to install water heaters today especially if your water heater is passed the factory warranty stage. Schedule your appointment with Bill the Plumber Inc. at 941-924-8418 to discuss the changes and whether or not you should replace your existing. Become proactive instead of reactive.

Are you a Manifestation in your own Company’s Growth?


Are you a Manifestation in your own Company’s Growth?

I simply adore people’s reactions to stuff that they do not understand or believe to be “creepy, or something they would not do. The reason they hold these beliefs they are stuck in their way and very seldom move left or right of center. The concept is if I stay where I am I feel safe.

The real issue is the fear inside that prevents people from trying something new. It is a fear of change. This change can be subtle or it can be drastic no change is safe. It is much easier to bring someone down then to make a slight adjustment past comfortable that will lead to more success.

How does a progressive person who definitely took a blind step and a leap of faith to start up a new business and assume the risks suddenly shut down and close the door to any type change. Why the reluctance and resistance to change when many years prior most people were about change.

Change does not necessarily mean better. However there is a battle to decide what is working and what is not working. The battle is to admit when things are not working out the way we originally thought they would and then to make the necessary changes to change the direction of our fortunes.

Be careful of selfish thoughts that have zero consequences. Frequently people believe that staying the same will produce zero risks. Everyone knows and understands that change produces added risks that fabricate consequences that can be high reward or catastrophe. It is much easier to paint a picture of disaster then it is to paint a stunning picturesque field of ecstasy that is extraordinary and breathtaking.

It is much easier to accept that you may fail then you will succeed. It then becomes better if I do not try something different and accept that if I do not try anything I will be successful or at least content. How can you be content when you are afraid to succeed or fail?

Will you make a decision today to take a chance? Will you buy lottery ticket and give it to yourself with a card saying take a chance on me as I am worth it. Decide to make 1 little change with your customers. That change, find out as much information as you possibly can about your customer. This will allow you to hold a conversation that is all about the customer. It is more about them and less about you. It drives the customer’s self-worth and importance and gives them over the top customer experience.

Allow the customer to get excited .Allow the customer to feel the importance. Allow the customer to receive a different experience. Allow the customer to enjoy your visit. Allow the customer to be happy they have spent money with you. Decide today to give your customer the opportunity of lifetime and make a difference in their life. Decide to excel in your present assignment and change the direction of where you are now located. Stop looking downward while moving forward. Start looking upward and forward.

Stop being afraid of stuff you do not understand and start digging at the center of discomfort forgetting what is behind and pressing for what is above. Here is the key to success and never is outdated and is always fresh and that is Serve, Think, and Help others. Start focusing where you are going not where you have been.

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