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Choose the correct training.

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Choose the correct training. I receive 35 emails on training

The conclusion of the New Year is amusing and at times hilarious in my appraisal. I revel in helping others reach a higher potential both as a person and professional increasing their earning potential.
During this time period there is definitely pressure to take the last few days of the year to gain as much business to boost profits for the year ending and to shove all kinds of training to different companies whether they need it or not. Get what you can this year and enjoy the deductions while getting preparing for the next year.

I am all about training and know it is essential. Without proper training you are spinning your tires in the mud. Decide to discover the real obstacles that are keeping you from reaching your potential. Blindly attacking every process within your company will overwhelm you and place you in a position to fail and believe the changes are the reason for failure. There are way too many contractors’ training companies that try to overhaul too many things at one time. You must eat the elephant one bite at a time. It Is essential to find out the portion of the company that requires treatment and fix the cause. Once that is accomplished whatever is next will help grow your company.

My specialty is growing income and increasing your earning potential. If your issue is spending increasing your dollars has not fixed the problem. What it did is add more money to spend on your spending issues. I can prove to any company they need to increase their earning potential and increase profitability. That is easy to prove and gain agreement. I am more interested in a healthy you and your company. Once you start to encounter the same problem you experienced in the past what good was the training I gave you to increase profits? The main illness was not treated. In your mind the training was horrible and wasted your time and effort.

Analyze your company. Hire a professional that can and will find the real issue and address the reason why your business is not where you think it should be positioned. The sales help companies are really good at what they do. They can build frenzy and have you fired up and ready to proceed and push the urgency to get it today. They need you to make that decision today. Why? Emotion sells.

You may discover that you require a complete business overhaul. I am not willing to place your company in a position without investigating a few business practices.I would definitely hire a local business coach to visit your company and then to evaluate from head to toes what is going on from business practices, dispatching, customer relations to how truthful your books are telling you where you stand. For this numbers are required but not the sole way to make a decision as numbers do not always tell the truth. Some areas to research are:

The first is hiring practices. Your work culture will make or break you. Whether you buy into a sales system does not matter when your plumber can not spell or complete a sentence. It is amazing how little training is set aside for this small but extremely important portion of your work culture. Communication and conversations will determine your success within the company and with your customers.

Second is what type of training, Speaking to plumbers and other trade professional’s there is a wide belief that sales are manipulation. This is because we demand a fast return on investment. The training is called persuasion and convincing which is part of manipulation but in a kinder way. However when push comes to shove and we place the spotlight it is good intentions done for the wrong reason is still wrong. But it is the fastest way to bring money into the company and teach people how to sell. Typically this is 2-4 day training. What training only takes 2-4 days to master? Sales are essential to increase profits. Discover the training and investigate what is best for your company.

Discover your overhead and why it is where it is. Find a way to bring your over head down. You do this by having the right per hour rate whether you are per hour or flat rate. Surround yourself with brighter people then you. Do not be afraid of hiring great people for fear they may leave you after they get experienced. You are as successful as those people who surround you. Hiring bodies that do not fit your company will kill the company

Choosing the right company is crucial .So many companies are choosing the training for the wrong reason. I received 35 emails from trainers offering me their training. The reason is there training is what will save our company, They never bothered to discover if we needed their type training or what was keeping us up at night. Their crustal ball told them our problem magically fit their solution without gathering information. They have never been off value to our company in the past and doubt that there training is a fit for us.
Behind the 8 ball
How do you determine the right company for you? I am going to point out a friend of mine. He was not a friend until I received emails from his company. The emails were of value and in the form of blogs that helped me with various business decisions. Some of the value material covered successful hiring practices. It showed me how to discover the customer’s real reason to buy and how to give proper options to the customer and in what order. Amazingly the free stuff given to me showed me how to prepare the solutions in a way that made sense to the customer, how to include customers in the decision while learning how to stop buyer’s remorse. I finally decided it was time to get to know this person and we made contact. It was then that he became a friend, his name is Joe Crisara. Joe is not the only guy out there like this, there are many to choose from. He is a fantastic role model with his presentation skills. Others would be Steve Corsica, Ellen Rohr, and Charlie Greer and there are others. Notice that these people are individuals and not huge resources.

You want to hook up with people that provide value to you before they make their sales pitch to you. We have 1 person we call and every time we call we are told to raise our prices without discovering what the issue is. This is of no value to me. I want to know a better way to increase our ability to increase booking of calls. Raising the rates will not provide that information. I will not call this person and the contact is not mine. I had a trainer write me to teach me how to negotiate with customers without giving up dollars. In his email sales pitch he gave me a discount if I were to choose his company. I am not sure this is the trainer to teach me how to negotiate if he is dropping his price on our initial contact.
What is information that is of value? Things that interest you with building your company this information makes you powerful and will increase your thought process making you more aware of your surroundings and where you want to visualize your company in the future. Your future begins today.

Interview this trainer via the phone. Have a set of questions you need to ask. Remember when you are with customers they ask the most bizarre question and make statements that make little to no sense. You need a trainer that will teach you how to react and respond to this customer. The training should help you with 20—25% of your customers the rest should make up their own minds and decide to use you based on trust and respect with likeability. The training should deal with that 20-25% not the 75% that do business with you already.

Now for non-traditional sales training in the trades I am going to say a few things about Practice Better Business. Most of the training is drawn from outside the traditional sales training given by those inside the construction sales training. By this it is drawn by those that have experience and expertise in sales . Cold calling techniques are included because we must learn to talk with customer via the phone that are out of state. We must visualize to the customer why you do what you are going to do. We must hold conversations that build mutual trust and respect. We are in a people business and we must learn to appreciate our customers and understand what they mean.

Choose the right trainer for your company. Choose the right reasons to choose and make the correct choice. Find a business coach that can help you diagnose your company and the areas that need a spoonful of sugar. Apply that medicine and watch your company grow by leaps and bounds.

Practice Better Business wished you a Happy New Year and decide to grow.


Praise and good in a life.

Praise and good in a life.

This past week I have been blessed by my involvement in some amazing life changing circumstances that have certainly rocked my heart and world. It categorically has created a different outlook towards life’s irritating trash as inconsequential to what is certainly more significant in people’s lives.

The first of which is a small church in Sarasota called Liberty Baptist. From the very first Sunday evening 4-5 months ago that entrenched me to visited the church I knew this was my slice of Gods will for me. Everyone was inviting and friendly. For me this was the first time I have ever had this feeling of belongingness. I have been in this church ever since then .However what me and my family are going through has never been mentioned to anyone in this church they made me feel like I have been there my whole life. This is my feeling and reflects no one else’s feelings.

A week ago Monday we received news that was not a priority on my list or my wife’s. The first day I was fine. The second day I had a feeling that I would need help and I did something I have never done in my life. I sent the pastor an email asking for help. In this email I explained I have never done this and how the church members and he have made me feel. The thing I love about this church is how caring and giving they outside of the church and inside to their congregation. This small church has raised over 119 grand for mission work inside the USA and in many countries in a very short period of time. The Mission conference at the church was Monday through Wednesday. I wanted to attend however my emotional stance would not allow me until Wednesday night.

When I arrived there was an outpouring of support caring and love expressed that overwhelmed me. I did not know the pastor had read my email to the congregation. What is more is, I never realized how many of the congregation knew who I am? This church at every chance has a time where the members greet one another. However most of the churches I have been to do this: hi how are you and off to the next person.Many others are shaking your hand while making eye contact with other people. At Liberty it is different, they talk with you and this blows me away; they remember what they talk to you about during this short period of time. They are awesome individuals that are caring loving and kind people that live the word of God. This made me weep uncontrollably with explosive joyfulness.

Then the day of my treatment today I was able to experience this: an opportunity and pleasure to witness the Bell Ringing at Florida Cancer Specialists. When the Bell Rings the individual ringing the bell has found their cancer in remission and is cancer free. This is an amazing awesome experience to witness. What an incredible day and something that will stay with me for a very long time. Almost like observing a rebirth, the look in her eyes and the feeling of getting her life back. To personally witness this has given me a sense of God’s miracles. This woman had been fighting breast cancer and for now has won.

On top of this I am the luckiest person on the planet as I have Suzy my wife since 1981. She is in my corner supporting and helping me every day of my life. Without Suzy’s help, where we are today is improbable. Suzy has given feely to me 3 children that are out of this world and very much like her. They are all caring, giving, and loving. Each one of them has a profession that demands a great deal of giving to others and thinking of others. One of our daughters has given birth to a daughter who is an amazing little girl that brightens up the world with her smile and love. Each is a wonderful inspiration to me that drives the want and will to come forward from me. Now both of our daughters have picked wonderful men to go through life.

What I have learned today is we never control anything in our lives. We are a passenger in our lives. We get the free will to roll the window down and let our hair blow through the breeze or we can close the window and pretend that life is to hard or terrible to live. There are times we think we are in control of our lives and destiny and we have this false sense of security that is like the coolness before the dawn of morning. However we also discover that during these times it seems like a long long time and satisfaction or contentment is fleeting and nothing is ever good enough.

I feel that without living a life of faith and hope in God there is that false sense of I made this happen. But if I really made it happen why I am not at peace with myself, that inner peace that says everything will be alright and is alright. I have found it is great to say a little prayer get grace, mercy, and strength that tell me that I have an inner peace that created calmness and a debt of gratitude.

What this has done for me is give me the want to give information that I have gathered through the years and give it to others. For many it could save them from traveling down the road of hard knocks that I pursued for many years to master a fantastic education given by other to me. What seems to bother me more today than in the past the less fortunate people who refuse to open their minds to endless possibilities to potentially make a huge impact on them financially and change their personal lives? I feel sorry that they have obstacles in their lives preventing them from accepting a different way of life and living. I am trying to be more tolerant but it is difficult to say the least due to the most dangerous part of the human anatomy. That being the tongue, saying the right thing can bring tears of joy yet saying the wrong thing has caused wars. The stupidity and ignorance of man and his ability to become a fool comes to light far too often. I typically write about sales and you can apply these principles to your work and make a difference in your customers life.

Good intentions

I am not sure what to call this article!

I am not sure what to call this article!
Silly statements and why

Frequently service providers have difficulty with customers that list on Angie’s list due to price. Many of the customer’s complaints and bad reviews on Angie’s List against companies on Angie’s list when investigated or researched you will discover it is more than a customer wanted to pay. Quite a few people will try and hold reviews against a company as blackmail. If you do not give me money back I will write a horrible review.

What I have noticed with the complaints is the job was completed by a well-mannered, intelligent, informative skilled professional. The consumer liked the individual that was sent by a company however the big bad company is evil. Keep in mind the service provider is a skilled professional where many have attended schooling to get their license. The cost of doing business is higher when you have a shop, multiple employees, and higher standard of living. The way a company conducts itself is also a cost of doing business. Great service is not for everyone yet everyone wants great service at the lowest possible price. Great service, high quality products, highly skilled professionals should never equal low price. Low price will equal going out of business after years of suffering chasing every dollar.

During a discussion concerning Angie’s list a couple of plumbing companies are defending Angie’s list and their defense is I have not had any issues with price and customers. Hello McFly, would you like to know what that means? It means you are one of the low priced companies and meet the low balling, prices that a vast majority of Angie’s list wants to pay. Included in the low balling price is the service fee which is low compared to others in their area? One of the companies I know is teetering on the edge of low ball due to some of the pricing they have divulged.

Researching reviews on yellow pages, Google, and other places will back up that price is a factor to many after the job has been completed. The reason price is a factor is value was not given by the seller where the buyer thought they were getting a deal. Some of the buyers will never be happy unless the product and service was given to them at the lowest price possible and nothing will make them happy. That is my job as a seller to discover this quality the buyer possesses. When the seller cannot unveil this quality or characteristic of the buyer both will be in for a long visit.

Plumber’s costs on materials do not vary much from 1 area of the country (USA) to the next from manufacturers. Shipping is relatively the same across the country and the places the manufacturers ship from maintain closeness to regions. What will vary are materials and their advertising strength. When I was in Ohio Delta Faucets were strong, in Florida Moen faucets had the market share. However the costs of the faucets are relatively close. The purchase price of products is similar across the country. Costs on materials will not vary however the main issue will be on labor and how companies pay their people. It drives me over the hill when people think it is ok to starve their help and expect more than what they can give because of the low pay. Your people deliver your value and when you devalue your employees how can you possibly expect them to deliver value to the customer?

Another silly comment that should never be stated is I’ve never spoken to an unhappy customer or I’ve never heard of one of my customers that are unhappy. A few simple questions are: how long have you been in business and in business any great length of time you know the truth is not spoken. 2nd how many of your customers have not called you back for a return trip. 68% of customers do not return due to indifference a statistic that Michael LeBoeuf PHD and author of How to win customers and Keep them for life. Before you open your mouth and insert foot think of all those customers you have served in the past that have not called you back due to how you made them feel.

Service providers must learn to become better business professionals and understand their true costs of doing business and then decide how to express the true rate to their customers. We as sellers must finally stop being afraid of our customers and start asking the cold hard questions that deliver the consumers perceived value as real value. Joe what is it that you really liked about today? What was the best thing for you today? Was there anything that we did today that was different than any other service provider? If so what was it? Isn’t it about time that you really found out why your customers have decided to with you instead of Joe’s down the street? Isn’t it time to find out what it is that turns your customers on and gives them permission to tell others about you? Isn’t it time to give over the top service and a fantastic customer experience and let people know what to expect from you? Start setting the customer expectation in your community. Step off the porch and start playing like a Big Dog and quit being afraid of being seen as influential. Stop dispensing the silly stuff and become a serious player in your community.

The real Problem versus what the sales person is guessing what the problem is.

The real Problem versus what the sales person is guessing what the problem is.

In a LinkedIn professional sales forum a person told a story of purchasing a cheap item only to discover the product was junk. The particular product is sunglasses. The point of the discussion buy cheap buy twice. Typically I agree with that statement however in this case not one professional including trainers paid to train sale people listened to the description and caveats of the purchase and how the purchase was made.

The rest of the story:
The customer bought sunglass for riding bicycles. He is an experienced cyclist and has purchased sunglass in the past. The customer bought the product sight unseen off of the internet. This is a key part of the sequence and makes the original statement: buy cheap buy twice not the reason the product was not a fit. Do you think this person would have purchased the product after trying them on to see they do not fit his face at a local store? Do you think he would have purchased the product if the sun was not shielded by the lenses on the sun glasses? Suppose he could go to Walmart or Walgreens and purchase the sun glasses cheaper than at an eye doctor’s office? Do you suppose that he could have taken the model number down and located the exact same model on the internet at half the dollars and buy at the same quality? In this case it was not buy cheap buy twice.
This is a perfect example of misunderstanding an issue and giving advice that is not relevant to the problem. Buying products sight unseen will lead to buying the product multiple times. When research is neglected products are purchased that will not take care of the real issue. I the sales person must become the research analogist and report the findings back to the customer. I must give the customer the proper information to make the right choice. I am not suggesting customers cannot perform their own research, many do and many more are well informed. However in this story he did not do his research and ended up purchasing sight unseen a product that did not perform the way he thought. it is applicable to this story.

I must make sure my customer understands purchasing products sight unseen is not the proper choice to get rid of their problem effectively. How would you the professional influence the customer to let you help them finally get rid of issues that are affecting the way they live, work, or play. Frequently sales people will answer what they believe are the real question and forget to confirm the question, answer, and proper solution. What happens is the sales person is helping the customer discover more stalls moving forward. The other day I asked a person what do you think about a customer who makes wild statements. For the next 10 minutes they told me how they would overcome, how they would reply, and how they would book the call. I then asked if they could answer the question. Answer the right question and watch your ability to help customer soar.

Please hire the right professional to help move you from where you are and where you want to go. If they do not understand and give you information that is not correct you are no longer moving forward maintaining balance to get where you want to go. In this case buying cheap was not the problem, buying sight unseen was the real problem that provided the distinction between satisfied and unsatisfied with the product. Once you understand the problem now you can give a solution. Many companies handle the same product at different prices. The difference is in value and a customer’s perception of value that become real to him or her. The first thing you must do is define and determine what you mean by cheap? Can a customer purchase quality products at a cheaper rate? If so how can you influence a buyer to purchase from you? What makes your solution different that a customer would choose you over something less or higher? Start today with solving the real problem versus what sales person believes is the issue without gathering all the facts.

Boost your Income by Revolutionizing the Way you Think

Joy 1

Boost your Income by Revolutionizing the Way you Think
Why do sales people in the construction service industry always assume the customer is at fault when the consumer reacts differently than that the service provider believes they should react. Submit a price on a quote and the consumer reacts by asking you for an itemized list and separate costs per unit.

How dare you question me on this quote? The price is the price and don’t you forget it. Asking for a detailed list is asking for trouble. If a customer gives you a hard time in the beginning they will become difficult towards the end and make it difficult to collect when you’re complete. Expect trouble down the road from this customer. The customer should know what to expect after all they are asking for you to do this or that. I would say some of the replies are unbelievable but that is not true. I have seen responses like this and much worse. For some reason old timers in the business have this horrible vision that it is a war and it is us against them mentality where the Customer is the villain in an old Black and White Western. In this version of the western the old timers would prefer that the villains aka customers would not have a speaking roll at all. They should be seen and not heard.

My vision is what is there to lose if you could try something different and it is can become an advantageous situation for either the buyer or seller. It seems that I would be grateful and forever thankful to have an opportunity to remove I from a no win situation to at least a 50/50% winning solution. These old timers become angry and defensive to the point that it bothers them that a customer will not buy from them. They are angrier at the customer for wasting their time that they do not seem to get it that the presentation was less than spectacular and did not answer the consumer’s questions or harvest their interest. Like a horrible B movie that never quite grabs the audience the home owner/general contractor was not moved by the boring presentation that did not answer the question of how is this going to make my life any different than it is today?

Back to today; pleased give me a detailed list of materials and price I need to make sure that it is exactly what I want in the first place. It does not sound or look like it is and I need to know what is different. It is time we include our customer and in this case the consumer or general contractor into the decision making process. Once we start to include these main characters in the movie we will see an increased ability to finish and have an autographed contract with the major players and the director who is me of course.

How do we get from Point A to Point B without losing attraction, stamina, and special effects? Do that by choosing to take a different stance to your reality. Changer your thoughts, replace those thoughts and discover a new resource to gain that information. I am not hearing to teach you to write contracts, that is not my job. The writing of contracts belongs to an attorney. Let us take a look at writing proposal versus a contract. After acceptance then the contract can consume you and your customer. The first thing we want is for the proposal to be accepted. A contract is most service providers burning desire my burning desire at this time is to drive the want to use me by the general contractor and his or her client. When I look at a contract the I’s better be dotted and the T’s better be crossed. By the way a contract will have an attorney involved and if your contract is suspect then you are also suspect.

What would happen if I write a story that is a proposal that the consumer and the general contractor can become a major player in and become part of the solution and diagnostic process to discover bigger and better products that change life styles. My proposal can cover the basics and then jump to a superior solution with an information and explanation of why it would be a worthier fit for the customer due to their lifestyle and what and how they want to use a kitchen ,bathroom or laundry room.

What if I can describe the laundry room as a clean-up room for arts and crafts with your child/grandchild for the next 15 to 20 years? You as a Mom or Dad can visualize the great times building and designing arts and crafts projects with your children or grandchildren? You now are selling memories instead of laundry tray tubs, faucets, washing machine hoses and plumbing. Are we so established in our ways that we disregard and ignore that we are human and pass off explosive joyfulness as an implausible fantasy that no one can conceivably expect to live? I understand that at times it is challenging to fathom understanding the love and joy of a grandparent until you become one. The same with the unconditional love of a child if we can seize and clutch this why would we not think our customers can also ascend into this thinking and understanding to visualize ownership?

Are you so much of a roughneck man that we cannot allow this to enter our lives as a professional? There are far too many people telling you to keep your personal life qualities away from your professional life. Those people suck and need to understand life that life is about what you give and not what you can take. Your personal life determines and dictates how your professional life will run the course. It is time to start asking why people feel the way they are feeling. Some people think it is confrontation. Well I am here to tell you it is not. A person that is defensive will always play it as a controversial call. Most people are not controversial; most people are kind caring individuals that want to feel good. Those same people will inform you that inflection is also extremely important and seem to forget that your inflection affects the question of why do you feel that way from a meaningful question to one of deceit and defensive.

are your excuses larger than your dreams
We should be discovering what is important to the consumer. What is important to the general contractor? This is not a real tough answer. The general contractor wants to deliver a happy customer and put them in a home that the customer believes no one else could have done as well. My job as a sub-contractor is to make that a reality. How can I make this an over the top experience for both the General contractor and the Gc’s customer? What happens is way too many service providers believe that then reverse is important that the customer and the general contractor make the sub-contractor happy. The way to make the Sub Contractor happy is for everyone to listen to the sub-contractor and listen, obey his every word without question. One way submission never works well and it is high time service providers realized this and started to change the perception. Start writing proposals that paint a fantastic picture of ownership where living is being a moment maker making memories. Think for a moment a person that writes a positive memory making proposal and one who writes a contract that is demanding and demeaning who is chosen? Which has to be cheaper in order to be accepted? Please open your mind and quit fogging the picture with a low percentage contractor that builds a horrible structure and focus on the decent General contractor. You will be chosen 100% of the time. You can increase the chances of being chosen by the style you write and present your proposal to those who are the decision makers.

New construction and remodeling service providers seem to forget a few things. They forget there are people that influence and decision makers. A buyer can and often will influence the decision maker who is the General contractor. If the influence really wants the product and service in their home they become the decision maker. A fantastic thing to start doing is getting every major player in the movie and treating them as equal partners involved in the decision making. Quit limiting your income by the way you think.

Practice Better Business


Trials and tests that illness brings

Sunday I was asked to write more threads concerning the trials that my wife, children and I have been tested. At first I thought about this as I have discovered that we have it so much easier than many have it. In the beginning it seemed like we were on a merry go round. We were just spinning and staying in the same place. Then it became scary due to misunderstanding what everything meant.

I remember while in the hospital recovering from the surgery and wondering if I was coming home listening to the surgeon. I asked him over and over what that means when he kept telling me we did not catch this in time. Suzy my wife is a wonderfully strong woman who did not show any type fear and was adamant that yes you are coming home and you are going to be fine. What she really felt never came to the surface.

Our children then came in ever so optimistic looking to the future and talking about the future refusing to believe what could be and having unmeasurable faith that everything would be fine. We just needed to get into the comfort of our home.

Since then amazing opportunities have fallen at our front door. We have met some incredible extraordinary people that have added to our lives. Hopefully you will see how it has affected our children with what they may write. I know for me I have grown up so quick in the past 8 months. It has flown by faster and faster than I could ever imagine. What makes it beyond imagination is how often you could look into my eyes and see nothing but ghost eyes not quite ready to depart from family and Suzy.

At times we do not realize how unconditional our love of family is until something tests that love. It at this time I found out I would rather be with family even if it is to sit and say nothing, it is about spending time and sharing each other’s strengths and exposing our weaknesses to one another.

We have always had faith however a few years we kind of lost that feeling of a church family. The past 5 years we have been chasing a church family. As with all things this is a deep personal activity where we must decide what is important in our decision to discover faith within a church family. We have to discover how we can raise our hands and bow our heads and trust that we are headed in the right direction and make the right choice. This is more difficult for me as I enjoy the entertainment value that brings many people back to the church with contemporary churches. I love the spirited music that moves your body and gives you the opportunity to smile with praise. At times I need that type of program. Then at other times I need an upbeat positive message that drives me to creativity and to stay balanced. Then at other times I need messages that drive me to look deeper into my activates and life and then explains the why portion of faith and what will happen when I slip into what I’ve done in the past. All 3 have given me the ability to surrender and ask for help to forgive others so that I may become saved from my past, present and future. I am still searching while I replaced a whole lot of nothing and nowhere with spiritual growth that has allowed us to seek and step above and beyond our circumstances to seek joy. This has allowed us to help others past the point we found and into a new direction and how it has increased our opportunities with charity, mercy, and grace.

This is not to say we do not struggle. Treatment is every other week. I am not and do not look forward to treatment week. Typically the Sunday before treatment is an emotional day. I try to fit in as much as I possibly can. IT then becomes difficult to understand why people do not want to take their Sunday and join you and they are gearing for a grilling work week for them and want this day ass a day of rest. They do not understand that it is a depressing day to just sit and do nothing. I want to make Sunday last forever because I am dreading treatment Monday.

Anybody that is or has gone through Chemo can attest that you lose an entire work week and at times more. Depending on the amount of steroids determines how emotional you can become.2 Monday’s ago I was listening to a song called I will from the movie rent. My emotional stance was driven beyond normal and I wept listening to the words “Will I lose my dignity. Will somebody care”. If you are not familiar with the musical Rent, it is a story about a group of people living in New York that have aids. Talking with people they automatically think of gay behavior. This Play or movie portrays gay lifestyle, drug habits, and bad blood transfusions. It should not matter as we should not be judging people or a lifestyle that is not our purpose.

I remember the days where I felt that I had to face this alone and stopped living and shut down. I replaced the normal life activity with a down and out tune everything out depressive action. This behavior did not last long. It slowly has transferred into a pay it forward behavior. I have started to share my expertise with my peers in my industry. Giving the opportunity to change the way people think and act. When we change our positioning we will discover different results. When we change the way we communicate we can change lives. This gives me pure outstanding joy and has replaced being on the outside looking in. Sat this point in time we have this feeling it is better to give what I have and allow others to have an abundance of satisfaction and joy.

Something else I discovered is family first. I also discovered that friends are outstanding; many have a difficult time understanding what to say. They will say things and I / you that are experiencing issues must understand we were the same way when we did not have an illness. Many think it is what you want to hear. We need to educate versus shaking your head thinking I need new friends. Without you informing your friends how will they ever know? Experience is the best teacher. Give the education freely. Now more people can help others without positioning the other person in a defensive posture.

Something that people rarely understand is how their actions affect others. I am going through this at this time and I must discover a different way to adapt and adjust to this person. When people are disagreeable they tend to argue and this drives up blood pressure. This person has a lot of growing up to do and does not realize what he is causing to happen. Driving up the blood pressure of people prevents proper healing. It prevents your body from reacting in a normal way and can create a different situation where something else can affect your health and well-being. For me this is extremely difficult thing to control especially during treatment week when I am overly emotional. This makes my ability to control my anger a lot tougher.

Without Suzy none of what you have read would be possible. She is and had been the light that has kept me from the dark. Our home is a safety net and place for me. Being around Suzy comforts, saves, and has been the driving force to whom and what I am. She is my light during the day and night. When she is near I feel I can conquer anything that gets in our way and together we do. Together there isn’t anything we cannot do or accomplish. Learn to give you love unconditionally and trust with all your heart, mind and soul. change-job-search-poll Practice Better Business

Hi how may I help you? What can I do for you? What do you need? How can I help get it for you?


Hi how may I help you? What can I do for you? What do you need? How can I help get it for you?
These are precious words that produce result when you are networking. Networking is not about you it is about your customers and those that are around and surround you. Networking will give you superior results while increasing the people in your referral partnership funnel. The larger the funnel the more opportunity to help another person grow whether it is growing financially or with getting things accomplished.

Whenever I meet people who are networking I am blown away that roughly less than half of those involved in networking get it. What is more alarming is many of these people have networked for years and still do not get it. What is repeated over and over is what another person has taught them versus discovering what networking is across the board. Just like everything else one size does not fit all and you need assistance to learn how to become an effective networker that produces amazing results and return on your customers investments while at the same time you are enjoying a return on your investment.

In any business growth is related to a business plan. The business plan is a map and roadway to where you want to get and how you will get there. The plan at times will have alterations due to changes that will need assistance with change facilitation. Networking requires a plan. The plan must be specific and have the same goals, time limits, and implementation of your plan to get where you need. Just like real estate location, location, and location, this is determined by how you position yourself.

One of the awesome goals that you the troubled networker must do is have the ability to recognize a potential gift to your referral partners and or your customers. There must be a way to educate referral partners to teach you/me how to identify a potential prospect and turn them into a warm lead to hot friend. Then the referral partner must teach us how we can gradually move the conversation towards why they do what they do how they do it and finally what they do. This must accompany a way to move from what you are doing to your referral partners. With 30 or more referral partners adds a greater degree of difficulty to make sure your sphere of influenced is represented.

When I have the opportunity to meet with a referral partner I ask quite a few questions. For me this is just like a sales call. I am amazed at the sheer amount of people who do not possess a real working plan with their networking. 1 of the questions I ask is: what is your purpose with networking? Typically the response has no purpose or plan and is a huge” I want to grow my business”. This is a wide broad based paint brush. I will point out a customer that has already been to 6 of your competition and ask is that a good person to help grow your business? Frequently they will say of course not but I thought you said you wanted to grow your business? It is time to rethink how you want to grow your business and develop a specific plan that will work to get you there other than a guess and a prayer to grow the business.

Recently a buddy of a referral partner sat up and said I do not want your business I want the people you know. Dah who else would you want and are you 100% sure of that message? Remember I knew that person that wasted 6 of your competitions time. Do you still want everyone I know? GET A PLAN! It is time to stop repeating what someone has taught you in a seminar and do a little research and discover a brand new day and world that has true growth. Decide today and determine what your purpose is and then place a plan in action to deliver the results you deserve.

Now that you have a real plan in place other than a pipe dream of growing your business it is time to determine the best possible partners. When I first started to network I did a lot of observing. The first 6 months I did not get involved with many networking groups but stood on the sidelines. I watched those who were good at networking. This is what worked for me and your educational process might be different.

Do not be fooled by a popularity contest. It gets confusing as you see people that seem to stand out among the group. They look like the social butterfly moving from one group to another smiling and laughing. Let us call this one the spotlight grabber. Being the hit of the party is just that the hit of the party and usually little substance concerning referrals. The 2nd person you will notice is the networker that has a strong feeling of belonging to a group and being an important spoke in the wheel. They will be around the leaders of the networking organization. Typically these people will receive referrals yet hardly give quality referrals.

The spotlight grabber when giving referrals will take a long time showing off their few referrals in order to make a dramatic entrance with those referrals. The “Belonger” networker will give referrals that do not pan out in order to be recognized for the number of referrals they give. Typically networkers are rewarded and recognized by the number of referrals they give. Standing up to say they have given x amount of referrals. The type referrals are of tasks that are not necessary and the referral party is not expecting you to call or visit. These two types are time wasters for you.

I understand that it is extremely difficult to master the different events that surround your life. However if you are making a plan to grow and work your business you should have interest in mastering that plan. Mastering the plan is not receiving only 1 source to gain your information. Whenever your education background is limited to 1 source you will discover your resources to be limited and not able to adapt to different situations that confront you when it is outside your area of expertise and comfort zone.

With each networking event there is a beneficial opportunity to enhance advantages to the networkers and you. You just need to take the time to educate yourself and implement the strategies that are present. Our job is to become aware of the opportunities.

Hi how may I help you? What can I do for you? What do you need? How can I help get it for you?

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What Construction Service Industry Questions are you Asking your Customers?

Questions and Answers signpost

What Construction Service Industry Questions are you Asking your Customers?

Most of us are old enough to know better yet seem to struggle with discovering the right words to say and the right questions to ask. Then a question is asked: what are the right questions to ask? What weight should the customer’s statements hold deciding the type question you should ask? How can you determine and set the attitude and expectation customers have of you and your company?

What leeway should a customer have when engaging you? What if they are waiting to bait you? How should you act or react? Why do you react the way you do now to customer statements? Why do you believe they should not act out or misbehave? Who has said a customer must be on their best behavior? It is time to start thinking outside the box and understanding the customer has had all types of service providers in the past. The reason you must build trust and respect us due to those very same exact past experiences.

Some people think passiveness is a sign of weakness. I say kindness is a very assertive activity that has the inclination to force angry and mean people to submit and surrender their anger to calmness that begs to suppress chaos for remedies. Generosity has a way of removing animosity and replaces it with an eagerness to participate and provide solutions that are viable. When we give it freely it increases the chances to receive in return. Whenever I have witnessed 2 people extremely angry and maintained that anger it can turn into something volatile quickly. However when 1 person is in turmoil and the other is in constant calmness a comforting effect that is seeking a cheerful resolution overwhelms the offsetting behavior. Just a smile when speaking can create a vision of joy. Niceness is an attractive trait that is contagious.

The customer’s mood will dictate the type questions and their starting behavior. Stop thinking the customer is attacking you. They do not know you well enough to know your attitude and altitude. Stop thinking the customer is devaluing and berating you. It is time to change the customer’s expectation and show them a different point of view by bringing them to this new area that will give them different results. You need to remove yourself from the self-zone and open that comfort area to a place where you are not finished due to the place your mind has traveled and deposited money into the parking meter. It is time to focus on where you are going and not where someone has led you. You must create an action in order for both you and the customer to move forward.

What type of questions should you ask to gain control over the situation in addition to the smile? How about inquiring questions? Questions that ask the customer to freely give information that gives you the ability to regain their passion and composure then for you to discover the explanation of what is bothering him or her. The questions asked should demand a sacrifice and surrender of yours and their free will and to answer basic questions that examine how each of you feel, where this feeling came from and how you can align a solution to their feelings.

Another area I am conferring and parleying to the service provider is to surrender their free will giving up the combative approach of disarming the customer by might is right philosophy. Might is right will not define who or what is right or correct. Might, will define who is stronger with a routine or set of guidelines that gives you unfair advantage and strength to overcome an opponent that does not have a system to follow. Knocking down something that you have built has never been a great equalizer. It does show that you do not have control over your own emotion and no longer have the ability to control your business acumen.

The questions to ask are to disarm the customer. They are designed to engage and attract a picturesque response and reaction from the customer to guide them to a positive stimulant that demands movement to act to an ownership situation. Try to design questions that draw a belief from the customer. Then discover where this belief sowed its seed. Is it something that came from something they have done in the past, is it something they have heard or is it something they have seen? Then align the solution in a question that includes their belief.

Did your customer have the ability to pick this out themselves? Would they like to it out? Is this something they would like to do now or in the future? What is it they like about their current product that would keep them from replacing it now? What is it they would like to see different that they would like to see now? How is this product presently used? How else could this or another product be more useful to him or her? How can you influence your customer?

What must you do to change your position? You must discover your comfort zone and then expand that area. When you live inside an area you cannot grow that area. You’re stuck rotating in a vicious circle that has you turning round and round without gaining ground. No one questions the routine so it stays and you keep plodding through one step at a time. It worked before and it is still working to a degree or it has been steadily losing ground.

This change must be followed by an action that will include changing your source of information. Stop implementing old procedures that are no longer working or viable. Find a new source and frequently this means leaving old trusted advisors behind to seek new ideas that have evolved over time that are fresh and relate to this time. By discovering a new source you now have the ability to replace old thought with new thoughts. Before something new can work it is essential to replace those thoughts with new thoughts. Prior to discovering a new source and replacing your thoughts new thoughts must be programed into a plan and then implement the plan.

The concepts of sales have remained the same. You must have a discovery or a needs analysis. I call this information gathering time. You must be able to provide a product and service to the customer. You must be able to convey to the customer that you have the right product and services. Then you must influence the customer to make the right choice to use you and your solution. This is the basic to selling. The thing that has changed is how you sell, communication, medium to get your message across. You must earn the right to do business with customers today.
are your excuses larger than your dreams

Now go make a decision to move forward today. You expect the customer to make the right decision. It is time you start making the correct decision. The unknown is not to be feared but to be explored. Open your mind to others ways of doing business. Just because you have been doing this for years does not mean there is not a better way. Decide to create an action that will have you moving forward. Become like a musical instrument that plays different notes together in chords that are in perfect harmony

Month 2 in Chemo and what to expect

Month 2 in Chemo and what to expect

Expectations have started to settle in and new routines have been discovered. The amazing thing is we discovered that we do not have to travel this road alone. We have an amazing family, friends, and strength in God. We have also discovered a larger than life support system with all those people across the country and overseas through the power of the internet. This has made this new transition so much easier for me and Suzy.

Strength is starting to come back from 2 surgeries and now we can start to focus mainly on the chemo treatment and getting better. We would love to thank all of those that have leant their prayers and support to us that have helped in the recovery process. During the chemo weeks my strength is worn. However it seems as soon as the treatment is over my strength starts to come back and by 2 days later I feel like I can take on the world.
Don't fear change,change fear

What I am digging a lot is the deep dark depression that once seemed like it had the power to take over my life has subsided am very lucky to have some terrific people on the sidelines that have become players in the game pointed me in the right direction. They reminded me that I must change my thoughts, find a new source for my thoughts, and I must replace those thoughts. I must not be afraid to ask God for strength and to give myself to him to change and guide. When these things are followed the deep dark places are no longer feared. This was the largest obstacle that I have faced to date and the scariest place I have ever been to in my life. The reason that it has been so is it is a road that is traveled alone and a road that does not need to be traveled alone.

Communication between doctors and ourselves has increased and it is a wonderful thing that we are on the same page. We are dealing with highly intelligent people and they answer questions that are asked. However the questions asked are by people like me that have a little trouble with the English language that leaves ambiguity with the intent of the question. Discover the right questions and you will discover the right answers. If you have concerns over confirmation of any answer seek clarity and ask what does that mean. I guarantee if you do not ask for clarity you will start thinking the wrong way as confusion sneaks into your life. This confusion brings doubt and doubt brings negative thoughts that stop progress.

What I am discovering is this disease that we are fighting isn’t the problem. What is being described here can form in life by itself without any disease other than the disease of any negative thoughts that provide a stumbling block on your life moving forward. For me it was brought out into the light by this disease we are fighting. Again I am extremely lucky to have a great wife by my side, my children, and grandchild that are all in with me and forcing me to do the right thing. Friends that we never knew are there have marched into our lives and given renewed strength. I hope and pray that they know they have touched us and me in ways that are enormous.

I have made many good solid friendships in The Plumbing Zone and LinkedIn and through this blog that have changed my life and my thought process for the better leading too tolerance and acceptance. Another fantastic source of healing and power is The Shore Church and the wonderful people that share their life with others. There are many wonderful caring people at The Shore that give quickly to you without reservation or expectation. Another thing I am discovering is the impact each and every individual can have on other people without ever understanding or knowing that this impact has been made.

Chronic Illness and the Weight of Depression

People are faced with chronic diseases all over the world. I am not sure how quickly in most cases another disease creeps in and start to take over their reality. This new disease is aided and perpetuated by negative people that have no clue of right or wrong. Do not get me wrong these negative people are not the cause and really have very little to do with the lingering effects.

This little disease is called depression. The depression has a way to take your focus from your reality and create a sub culture that induces an alternate reality caused by fear. I wish I could help you with clinical terminology however I cannot. I can only give insight to what this has caused me to feel an emotional burden that was not reality but in mind created an alternate reality of missing and losing out.

I never have had a why me attitude. Things happen and you deal with it and overcome. The depression in my estimation is a fear of loss. In this case I have a great wife, 3 wonderful children, and a fantastic granddaughter. My imagination raced into the future to what I believed I will miss. Nothing in the prognosis has pointed to anything I may miss in the future. There are no guarantees that I will be here tomorrow or you for that matter. My attitude and fight is on winning this battle however the battle of depression had me forgetting that I have a different battle that will be won.

In the past week with help from numerous people including my wife Suzy we discovered together that the depression was trying to take over. I am truly inspired by a new religious wakening and believing that everything that has transpired has done so according to a grand plan. At this point I am not sure what that grand plan is. It could be to write this blog for others, to explain how a miracle caught the disease, or if I am to do something else with our lives. Once the secondary disease is /was realized now we can effectively take the disease depression and place it in the trash can where it belongs. This week I can say we have taken the first step to real recovery and peace.

Surrounding yourself with positive people that will help you grow is the first thing to build. I am very lucky that we have some of the best friends on the planet. I owe my gratitude and would like to give a shout out to those who have been an inspiration to me. My immediate family is awesome. My sisters and brothers have become a beacon to me even though we have many miles between us and have had hot and cold relationships. Family is family and when called upon and have stepped up to the plate. We have found spiritual guidance through The Shore Church and TJ among many other members. Bill the Plumber and especially Bill for his support. I have gained immense inspiration from an unlikely character. Without her we would never have caught the disease as early was we did. Her name is Km Bociek with Acupuncture Physicians Group. She has a machine called an acugraph. This measures your energy levels. I had several visits with low energy with my colon area. Her scans convinced me to set an appointment for a full physical that discovered problems. My whole purpose to visit Kim was my wife and how Suzy felt after treatments. Call it what you want however I am going to maintain that it was a miracle from God that he worked through Kim. I am not sure if Kim is religious or not, we have never discussed religion with exception to this past week where I told her she was an instrument.

Recently I spoke with a guy that immediately started to tell me about 2 people he has known that have passed away in less than a month and another who was told to celebrate Christmas early. In the past I would have called this person an insensitive idiot and some other choice names. With what we have learned I just shook my head and stated that I was sorry to hear that. All I can do is offer my support to him that he learns to become a better person with a much better understanding dealing with people should separate myself from this person however he needs more help than I do spiritually. Sometimes you do need to allow those negative people into your space to get them the help that they need. If refused then you must set them free and get them away from your freedom.

I am relatively sure that we all need help to get away from depression. Never be afraid to gain and receive the help that you deserve. Depression can create a separate reality if it is allowed to fester and grow. Choose the right people to listen to and have in your life. Celebrate the people that inspire you.

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