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Between the Listener and Speaker, how do you decide whose responsibility it is to hear the real message ?


Between the Listener and Speaker, how do you decide whose responsibility it is to hear the real message ?

Emerging thoughts for the upcoming year have entered into what will take place in the next 12 months. Amazingly the learning process never ends and is always throwing new wrinkles increasing thought awareness that throws endless possibilities towards success.

These thought reversals are to discover whose job and responsibility it is to gain facts and clarity within and about a conversation to changing me while adapting to my surroundings. Any time change must occur the change must start within and sometimes we try and force and outward change that meets with resistance. Is it the speaker’s responsibility or the listener’s responsibility to discover clarity?

The resistance occurs due to observation regarding that change that is lost in translation. Then there is the thought process that I/you am not the responsible party to change and it is not my problem. It is the other person’s problem and lack of ability to adapt and to flow where the wind blows.

Who is responsible to get what I am saying when I am the speaker? Who is responsible to understand the statements? Who is responsible for the clarity of my statements? Who is responsible to discover who is on board with the message?

Could this be the real reason why people fail to understand sales? Could this be the reason many people fail in sales? Could this be the reason why so many sales falls through the cracks only for someone else to gain the sale? If no one is in charge of deciding who is responsible for the clarity between the speaker and listener who do things get done? If it is the listener how do you the speaker know the listener has it and will move forward with you? It is time to find out who is listening.beware_md

What say you and how will you decide?

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Praise and good in a life.

Praise and good in a life.

This past week I have been blessed by my involvement in some amazing life changing circumstances that have certainly rocked my heart and world. It categorically has created a different outlook towards life’s irritating trash as inconsequential to what is certainly more significant in people’s lives.

The first of which is a small church in Sarasota called Liberty Baptist. From the very first Sunday evening 4-5 months ago that entrenched me to visited the church I knew this was my slice of Gods will for me. Everyone was inviting and friendly. For me this was the first time I have ever had this feeling of belongingness. I have been in this church ever since then .However what me and my family are going through has never been mentioned to anyone in this church they made me feel like I have been there my whole life. This is my feeling and reflects no one else’s feelings.

A week ago Monday we received news that was not a priority on my list or my wife’s. The first day I was fine. The second day I had a feeling that I would need help and I did something I have never done in my life. I sent the pastor an email asking for help. In this email I explained I have never done this and how the church members and he have made me feel. The thing I love about this church is how caring and giving they outside of the church and inside to their congregation. This small church has raised over 119 grand for mission work inside the USA and in many countries in a very short period of time. The Mission conference at the church was Monday through Wednesday. I wanted to attend however my emotional stance would not allow me until Wednesday night.

When I arrived there was an outpouring of support caring and love expressed that overwhelmed me. I did not know the pastor had read my email to the congregation. What is more is, I never realized how many of the congregation knew who I am? This church at every chance has a time where the members greet one another. However most of the churches I have been to do this: hi how are you and off to the next person.Many others are shaking your hand while making eye contact with other people. At Liberty it is different, they talk with you and this blows me away; they remember what they talk to you about during this short period of time. They are awesome individuals that are caring loving and kind people that live the word of God. This made me weep uncontrollably with explosive joyfulness.

Then the day of my treatment today I was able to experience this: an opportunity and pleasure to witness the Bell Ringing at Florida Cancer Specialists. When the Bell Rings the individual ringing the bell has found their cancer in remission and is cancer free. This is an amazing awesome experience to witness. What an incredible day and something that will stay with me for a very long time. Almost like observing a rebirth, the look in her eyes and the feeling of getting her life back. To personally witness this has given me a sense of God’s miracles. This woman had been fighting breast cancer and for now has won.

On top of this I am the luckiest person on the planet as I have Suzy my wife since 1981. She is in my corner supporting and helping me every day of my life. Without Suzy’s help, where we are today is improbable. Suzy has given feely to me 3 children that are out of this world and very much like her. They are all caring, giving, and loving. Each one of them has a profession that demands a great deal of giving to others and thinking of others. One of our daughters has given birth to a daughter who is an amazing little girl that brightens up the world with her smile and love. Each is a wonderful inspiration to me that drives the want and will to come forward from me. Now both of our daughters have picked wonderful men to go through life.

What I have learned today is we never control anything in our lives. We are a passenger in our lives. We get the free will to roll the window down and let our hair blow through the breeze or we can close the window and pretend that life is to hard or terrible to live. There are times we think we are in control of our lives and destiny and we have this false sense of security that is like the coolness before the dawn of morning. However we also discover that during these times it seems like a long long time and satisfaction or contentment is fleeting and nothing is ever good enough.

I feel that without living a life of faith and hope in God there is that false sense of I made this happen. But if I really made it happen why I am not at peace with myself, that inner peace that says everything will be alright and is alright. I have found it is great to say a little prayer get grace, mercy, and strength that tell me that I have an inner peace that created calmness and a debt of gratitude.

What this has done for me is give me the want to give information that I have gathered through the years and give it to others. For many it could save them from traveling down the road of hard knocks that I pursued for many years to master a fantastic education given by other to me. What seems to bother me more today than in the past the less fortunate people who refuse to open their minds to endless possibilities to potentially make a huge impact on them financially and change their personal lives? I feel sorry that they have obstacles in their lives preventing them from accepting a different way of life and living. I am trying to be more tolerant but it is difficult to say the least due to the most dangerous part of the human anatomy. That being the tongue, saying the right thing can bring tears of joy yet saying the wrong thing has caused wars. The stupidity and ignorance of man and his ability to become a fool comes to light far too often. I typically write about sales and you can apply these principles to your work and make a difference in your customers life.

Good intentions

The past 12 months

The past 12 months

Wow a lot has happened in the past 12 months. Some good, some bad, and some of it ok. We scheduled on a routine removal of a 4 centimeter polyp October 29th, 2013. The night before was a typical and predictable night before surgery no food or drink after 12:00 midnight. I was a smoker and I smoked my last cigarette that night. We went to bed thinking that it would be a quick in and out and life would return to normal.

On our way to the hospital for the surgery roughly 5:30 AM Suzy and I chatted. We had no idea what was around the corner. All I can say is Suzy is one of the strongest women I have ever known and will ever know and I am ecstatic that she is in my corner and in my world. After the surgery we discovered that they found cancer in my colon. They removed 22 lymph nodes and 21 of them were cancerous. There was more left inside the colon. However we still had no idea concerning how severe and impacted our lives would become.

The next 5 days in the hospital recovering from colon surgery the surgeon kept on saying; we did not catch it in time? I kept asking what that means. The surgeon would repeat himself saying we did not catch it in time. No one could tell me what that meant. Every time I have an appointment with him, he repeats that phrase and every time I ask what that means. During the hospital stay I did not know if I would be coming home from the hospital and I still do not know today what we did not catch it in time means. All I know is here am I today.

After being released from the hospital we were advised to meet with an oncologist. We were extremely lucky with the person we chose. The choice was random. We met with a local oncologist that we really liked. However every place we visited suggested that we get a second opinion. There is a cancer help facility that has volunteers and they pushed hard for us to visit a cancer institute in Tampa to receive a 2nd opinion. Finally after a few months of this particular place pushing for a 2nd opinion I said ok. Suzy and I set the appointment and sat with an oncologist from this center. This fellow sat in the middle of the room slouched in a chair and asked: what do you know. We told him, he said WRONG. He said you have a 5% chance of survival. He also made it perfectly clear that the oncologist was not doing what she should have been doing. He told us his diagnostics and what he would be doing differently than our present oncologist and if I expected to live I would be with him.

Obviously we had many questions and many more that could not be answered. Tic toc, tic toc, time ticking and slipping away. There was and is so many things that we want to do, know, and now we discovered there is not enough time for us to complete the bucket list. If you get anything out of this forget the bucket list for the future. Start fulfilling your bucket list now your future is now. When your decision is to wait the wait may never mature into the right choice.

We drove home that long lonely Thursday night, the hour and half seemed like an eternity. It was the longest drive I think we have ever made. Both Suzy and I cried most of the way home. We were not sure what we were going to do or how we would break this to our adult children. Then we decided to wait until the following Monday when we would be visiting with our original oncologist. Sometimes the best thing is to sit and relax before making decisions that you believe are life changing .

Friday afternoon while walking I had an epiphany that hit me square in the jaw. I started to analyze the original oncologist statements and this new person we visited on Thursday. When you are in that situation you reach for whatever is available to change the circumstances. However the circumstances did not need changed. My direction and beliefs went back to the original oncologist’s remarks and diagnostics. When I arrived home Suzy had the same idea. How could we possibly allow someone that did not know, understand, or was vested in our wellbeing adjust our thought process.

Finally Monday arrived, our tears were dry by now and emotionally we were spent. Our emotional stance dressed our bodies. I dislike when a customer seeks a second opinion from me. I can only imagine how a Doctor feels. I explained what I had done by getting second opinion. We have a fantastic oncologist. She looked at us and said I work for you. If I missed something I am more than happy to get you in a treatment that is better for you. We love her spirit, her professionalism, and her caring attitude. Her name is Janice Eakles and we trust her explicitly. Better yet we have entrusted her with my life which should explain everything that you may want to know about her ability.

Here is what we found: The second oncologist from Tampa was making a diagnostic on 3 month old data. Second he recommended a treatment that destroyed cells that were rebuilding the area of my colon that had undergone surgery. His prescribed treatment would have destroyed my colon and not allowed it to heal. Who knows what he meant by a 5% chance of living? This man tried to convince us that our world had stopped spinning and it was time for me to step off.

We have consumed a full year brawling all the way with aggressive treatments. Having a year under our belts is huge especially when I did not know if I would be coming home from the hospital. I did not know if I would be there for my granddaughter’s birthday in February, or Valentine’s Day, our kid’s birthday. It has been an extremely tough year for Suzy and me. You know what, we made it and now are looking forward to next year. We forgot a major force in our lives and that is God. When it is our time it is our time decided by God and no man has control over our destination and will not determine time. Through faith our strength and resolve became so strong and has led us to where we stand today. We are now so much better prepared for the future. We have discovered that we and more specifically myself am ready and ok with the end. However at this time I am not ready and have more to do.

Over the past 12 months I have noticed my tolerance of people and their stupid remarks has dropped considerably. I cannot believe how many people try to reduce things to the ridiculous which helps no one and is of no value. What each person requires are people that surround them that add value and are valuable to the growth and wisdom that is necessary to live each day. I am no longer interested in how a person reacts when they should sit back and respond. I no longer am tolerant of people who see the same results yet they continue to repeat the same activates then deny that another idea or concept will not work in their circumstance. Stop being afraid to accept change especially when change is the exact answer to your circumstances. The problem is whether you change or not is your choice and it is amazing how badly some people choose.

What is amazing is we do not know when the end is near. We can speculate but then again why would you want to know? There is too much to share especially the events that have happened in everyone’s life to date is more exciting than discussing the things you may or may not have the ability to experience. Decide to live each day as if it were your last. Express gratitude by professing your faith in God, articulating how valuable and important your family is to you and the unconditional love that surrounds the family. Then lastly to have continued gratefulness for the people that encircle you. It is extremely important to remove all obstacles and negative people from immediate environment. There is absolutely no reason or rhyme why you should endure people that are not happy or joyful.

Richard Hilliard
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What you think may not be what the customer thinks.

past  futureWhat you think may not be what the customer thinks.

Every Wednesday morning we hold ongoing training. I try to have theme based training. As any of you who have kept up reading the blogs I post a lot of the blogs pertain to communication. I believe the reason sales fail is due to a communication breakdown. Some will debate that you can do everything perfect and still the sale will fall through the cracks. That is a true statement. However let us look at who the sale was perfect too. It was perfect in the eyes of the wrong person and that is the sales person. It must be perfect in the eyes of the customer. They are the ones who hold the key to the door that you want to enter.

I was asking plumbers an area of difficulty when they are trying to renew service agreements? Their response is not surprising. A few of their co-workers have been to the home and there to do list suggesting preventive measures do not standup to the number of issues they found. The customer will make a statement that the other plumbers/guys have not said anything in the past.

Before I answer anything that a customer asks I must dig deeper to find out more information. There is a core belief that people make decisions based on what they have seen, heard, or done. The case describe in the last paragraph needs more information to give a good material back to the plumbers. The simple question of what did you say to the customer when they made that statement. As I made my way around the table discussion discovering each person’s reply many things stood out.
1. Preparation
When you are prepared you can answer the customer’s questions and concern’s without trying to defend your position.
2. Communication
Making the right statements to the customer is essential

The reply’s went like this or similar and remember they say these things to customers. I do it this way with all of my clients. This gives each client the same treatment. On the outside looking in this appears as a good thing to say to a client. However it also implies that no one else is doing what they should be doing and you have quietly just burned your co-workers and company. The customer hears no one else is doing what they should so why should I purchase this service agreement again. I did not get the correct service the last few times, what makes me think I will on the next few visits? You may be lucky to get anything out of this service call.

Another response was: this is what I do on every visit I make. This also seems like a good answer and is exactly on the same lines as above. You have just burned everyone in your company. There is no need to use you or your company there is no consistency. The company does not train their staff or they just do not care. Employees can do whatever they want and broken promises are the norm.
A sole proprietor made the statement that it depended on how busy he was. Wow really you are going to tell a customer that the care they receive is determined by how much time you think you have to spend with him or her? You are lucky they do not ask you to leave right now.

Another tells his customers I am not sure why they did not do it this way I was not here. This implies that the other people on staff are not as careful or as good as you. When I call and if I do not get you I will not get what was promised. Why should I purchase this as you have already informed me others are not doing their job properly? The biggest problem is you have told the customer that no one is supervising the others and everyone flies from the seat of their pants. This is no set procedure to follow up on your promise.

How can you be prepared? If you noticed we said renewal of a service agreement. This means your office should have history. Get that history and know what has been completed at this customer’s home and how much he or she has saved by having this service agreement. I have a customer that one of our plumbers visited her. He suggested to her that she should replace the garbage disposal. She became extremely angry at him and wondered why I who had visited her the past few years never informed her of the disposal problem.

He had history and knew ahead of time that I have already spoken with her about the disposal not once but three times in the past. Each time there was a notice on the paperwork the disposal with the reason it should be replaced. It was extremely rusted and the blades were not turning freely. Meaning the food is not being chopped up properly. He was there for a kitchen sink stoppage. Once she saw on her invoices the three notices, she turned to him and said perhaps we should listen more to you; told us what would happen 3 years ago and it happened. This is why we use you.

When you are prepared you can make sense of things and help the customer understand. It will also help you prepare a different way to present the solution that makes more sense to him or her to move forward today. Be ready for anything that a customer may say try to get you to say.
Communication is key when others in your company are not following the procedures outlined by company policy. Creating conversation as a peer versus keeping stations set where one is set in a higher capacity is always a dividing feature.By following the procedures in place you can help start developing the company culture that can and will enhance your abilities to reach success at prenominal heights.

Mrs. Client I can make sure to put a note on our computer that will inform any of our staff that visits you to follow protocol. I will also make sure there is a note to give me a call before they visit you. I wish I was as perfect as I sometimes think I am. However I am only human and am prone to making mistakes. It is good to have someone follow me to pick me up when I am not feeling exactly up to snuff.

Mr. Client each person is different. This faucet when new worked with a single finger being able to open and close the valve. I believe the valve should work with the exact same ease as when it was new. Another plumber may feel as if you can have your whole hand wrapped around the faucet and pull it on. The best thing is our service agreement is designed to give you information that is preventive in nature and gives you the opportunity to act proactively. It is your choice and you know what to look forward to and budget for in the future. Sound good to you?

Neither of these ways burns you or your company and informs the customer that from now on out the right thing will be done. You are going to make sure that it happens. Whenever I ran into this problem I made sure my office would write special instructions for the next plumber. Those instruction are treat the customer as I would or they will call me.

Start communicating with your customer and watch what you say. Even the best if intentions can give off bad vibes to a customer. Your words should carry your actions and define who you are. Watch your words as they define your character.

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Why is the construction service industry in the shape it is?

Why is the construction service industry in the shape it is?
The plumbing industry has lost its strong reputation it once held. Plumbers were once held in high esteem. The question is how the plumbing industry lost that esteem. Here is 1 reason and we will cover others that need addressed and repaired before the industry can change the perception many consumers have of the construction trade service industry. Last week I experienced this very example and it is mind boggling that other plumbers have no sense at all and will tear down the very industry they are trying to make a decent living.

A customer calls us and tells us that her home has no water. This is a rental property and she wants to know why there is no water. She also wants to know how much all of this investment will cost her. This is a good question and is understandable given that it is an investment property. Without proper diagnostics no one can give a price without investigating the problem first there is NO plumber alive that could have given her an idea of cost without scheduling an appointment. Some super plumbers will try to convince people they can see underground and can automatically give a price, most will be wrong and in this case all of them would be incorrect. There is no way to price this job over the phone however plumbers will try and devalue their profession by pricing this job over the phone and give a low ball price that lends a hand into devaluing the profession.

Oh by the way this home is located in the county. How is that of any use? The county has potable water provided by the county and there are wells that the home owner owns supplying water too many homes in the county. You still do not know or understand why there is no water and still cannot price this job over the phone.

Our bill to the customer was 700 dollars to diagnose and get her water. 2 plumbers told her it was outrageous. How could they possibly say that without being there to diagnose the job? Oh wait they used our diagnostics to price over the phone. None of the leg work was completed by these 2 morons who just devalued the plumbing profession and helped confuse a consumer towards the honesty of other plumbers. They instead thought pounding their chests while misleading the consumer was the right way to go. Once the consumer read our diagnostics to the non-professional plumbers 1 from Sarasota and the other from Tampa, Florida they decided they could and were able to price the job.

Now remember the home owner had no idea whether she was on county water or on a well. We arrived to discover county provided the water. No padlock on the meter for lack of payment. No water at the hose faucet on the side of the home. We disconnected the main water and discovered no water prior to the shutoff valve. This told us the problem was between the curb shutoff, water main, and something in the line itself buried under ground. We then disconnected the water at the meter to discover plenty of water at that point. This means the blockage was somewhere within the 60-70 feet between the water meter and the house.

There is no backflow preventer to the potable system and none on the irrigation line that has no protection of the domestic water system. Remember those two non-professional plumbers told this customer that they would not have charged for trial and error to discover where the problem may be hiding. This is an outright lie. The diagnostics that is free for all is yes you have no water. After that the diagnostics to provide a solution start and along with the clock with charging per hour or diagnostic charges per flat rate.

We started to dig the water service up to expose the piping. Up to this point we have given the customer prices to do the diagnostics which she approved. We discovered a check valve buried under ground. A PVC check valve is not an approved safety device to protect the potable water system. The potable water system is the domestic water for cooking, cleaning, and drinking water that enters your home. In our area a backflow device is required when there is an alternate source of water. This device typically is installed 12 inches above ground and is not allowed to be buried under ground.

This home owner hired an illegal, unqualified person to install her irrigation. They installed an unapproved device underground without informing the home owner. This means this device should not have been installed underground or anywhere for that matter. There is NO reason to look for this piece installed illegally and improperly. However the 2 nonprofessional plumbing companies thought it was in the plumbing industry’s best interest to neglect informing this customer of that fact and went on to blast another plumbing company’s price to discover the problem and provide a proper solution. The problem discovered is the check valve failed and would not open. The solution to remedy the problem remove the check valve and install the proper back flow devices. The customer called these 2 idiots and gave them our diagnostics and the idiots priced the job from our diagnostics. Now all plumbers are crooks and dishonest according to these two idio0ts in the plumbing profession.

The second problem facing out industry is the willingness to hire criminals. Our industry for years pulled its work force from prisons that taught the trades to the inmates. By no means am I saying not to give people second changes. However you must protect your customers first. Instead of providing free classes to inmates we must make available training for those outside of prisons to learn the trade. It is essential that the trades enter the public school system to help promote the trades during job fair days at public schools. This is a huge problem facing our industry. This could be an article by itself.

This is huge, the industry needs to start increasing pay scales for the employees. This will attract a greater base to choose and pick the right people to visit with consumers. Increasing pay alone will not increase the ability to attract fantastic people to employ. The industry must improve the reputation of the industry as a whole. Once the industry changes the perception of the plumber or HVAC installer, electrician the chances of bringing in new blood that will generate excitement within the industry it will never change.

Our products have changed and are reaching into the 21st century with the introduction of all of the green products. We must provide a higher training regimen to learn trouble shooting that will increase the stress to learn more than what used to be considered the normal learning curve. This means thinking outside of each person’s comfort level is essential .It has been proven to be extremely difficult to implement change and education now with the changes that have taken place since 1980 in our industry.

Business acumen is a disaster in the industry at this time. Way to many owners are in business despite horrible business practices. Years past bad practices would allow a business to stay in business. Today bad practices have companies here today and gone tomorrow destroying trust with consumers and creditors. Too many suppliers would rather have relationships with consumers than with construction trades people. Consumers pay today with credit cards, checks, or cash. A new concept of having business education is fundamental with today’s companies so that they may endure hard times and still make good decisions.

Many of the companies are copying their past employers business practices as their own business practices. Thusly passing on horrible business practices without knowing they are bad for them and their company. They saw it work for their old employer. They did not see or understand how hard their past employer had to work in order to make to work. Their old employer did not tell them when they did not take a paycheck or when things were tough. They wanted to keep their guys working.

These are just a few of the items that need addressed in this profession. There are a few more that need a light to shine upon in order to force change. These items are basic to change before any other change can occur.

Time to do research and increase the perception of the industry by changing our actions and reactions. It is time for change even though you do not believe the time for action is now. Today is the day to regain the reputation that is long lost. It is time that the industry no longer cut down their peers to build themselves up. Learn how to sell yourself with a positive light.


We must accept the consequences of our words

images of words
We must accept the consequences of our words

Have you ever experienced something that just pulled at you until you finally gave into it? This past week I have experienced just that thing. All week there has been something that has been pulling at me and screaming until I finally paid attention to the screams. Finally the deafening screams became loud and caught my awareness to put an action with the screams.

The original concept came to me when I heard a “you tube” video go viral on Victoria Osteen. She was explaining joy and you. I do believe her worlds got caught up in the frenzy. My interpretation of what she was expressing is God is joyful when we are joyful. God loves it when we are joyful; when you are joyful you can do amazing things. However it came out do it for you and not for God. Come to church for yourself and not God. My thought is if you go to church God is present and will find you. Any reason you go to church is fine with me as God should be present in a God based church.However some people are going off on her words and they should know better. I also know that we must take responsibility for our words. We must also be ready to accept the consequences of our words.

After I observed the video and then started to see the reaction towards Mrs. Osteen there was a natural obsession to want to know and learn more. I posted on Face Book and then I posted on LinkedIn. Amazingly on LinkedIn a poster told me I was not being professional for posting this on that site and that it could blow up and it did not belong on LinkedIn. It belonged on Facebook. As if LinkedIn is above reproach. There is far more drama and garbage on LinkedIn than a question asked about your thoughts on Victoria Osteen’s statement.

During the week a plumber asked a question concerning buyers’ remorse. Every plumber that responded with expectation of one and that 1 is me thought it was the customer that was off their rocker. More than 1 plumber has a belief that people are evil and conniving. Some of the plumbers believe that consumers plan this stuff out and are all about cheating the plumber. Not 1 of the other plumbers think it could have been what they had said or what they did not say that caused the buyer’s remorse. Anyone that has ever dealt with buyer’s remorse with customers will know that it is typically words that are spoken both verbally and non-verbally by the sales person/service provider.

Sunday the sermon spoke on how the tongue is powerful for such a small thing. It has the power to tear down, the power to start wars, the power to destroy reputations, the power to influence, start arguments, separate families, and hurt people emotionally. Amazing how words used can turn destructive without anyone knowing why or understanding words are the cause.

Every wonder why?

My beliefs are words are small, the tongue should not be taken so seriously but sadly it is. However it is not believed by people to be that powerful until it is researched and found to be the cause. I am amazed at how many people fear the spoken word from people. Many are afraid to speak out against other people’s words for fear of repercussions that can be hurled their way. These words can damage and destroy and most people do not want anything to do with the end result right or wrong. Words casn tear people down. It is extremely difficult to control a tongue given free reign.

The next thing that screamed at me to write something: faith with works. I can have silent faith and how will that witness to others that I have faith that works and performs those works? By letting it go and just sitting on the sidelines without getting in the game will not show my faith with works. Sitting on the sidelines, what does that project about me? How can I feel the way I do versus when I am in active and my works align with my words?

Your words have power. It can move people, motivate them to do things that they normally do not do. Your words can change minds. It may open a person’s mind to different possibilities. It may motivate some to think outside of their comfort zone and change direction. Words create your character. Words will back up your actions. Words can change the first impressions. Words can build people up.

Our words create followers that will become leaders of other people due to their words. I am positive that I do not want people to lead others that use their words to beat down and defeat another person. I want leaders that can say: the words spoken have meaning however the way it came out may not be the way that is exactly what is right and good. Give the benefit of the doubt when there is wiggle room for the benefit of doubt due to works in the past. At 58 years old I have experienced a few different decades that definitely showcased different ways to express behaviors that are were not acceptable behavior patterns. I used to say you are wrong and that would not hurt feelings but the way society babies people you must watch what you say and how you say it. He meaning of what you are saying is not caught but what you are doing and how it is done for some reason becomes the focal point versus what someone has done.

Words of Condemnation are harsh especially when it is over words having been: misspeak or a mistake. Become a builder instead of a destroyer. Explain and give the right information in order that a learning experience is now possible to lead to a better life and decision. Choose to change a life for better.

As easy as it is to have words change direction on a daily occurrence with any person at any time why is it so far off that this will happen during a sale with a consumer? As often as this happens I amazed that it does not happen more often in the service industry. Oh wait it does happen however most sales people will not recognize it as an occurrence and that qualifies customers as idiots. Imagine this you become a customer at some point and time and must be qualified as the same. It is time to start treating your customer as an intelligent honest trustworthy consumer that deserves your respect and start having a conversation and share information. It is time to start listening to the customer and hearing intent, content, and in the proper context.

It is time to open your mind and eyes and start to take notice that the majority of times that a sale does not go forward, buyer’s remorse, or any other excuse that we give for a consumer not to move forward. Is it possible that communication may be at the core of the resistance? Everything is ok until it’s not is a lyric from Michael Stanley and it is time to recognize that it is perhaps you that prevents the sale and the customer is waiting for you to tell them why you are correct.

Words are the cure. When you are searching for the truth, do not look inside yourself. Remember you are the one that is confused.power-of-words1


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Get a system and stick to it.

Don't fear change,change fear

Get a system and stick to it.

I just love back handed compliments when people do not share the same opinion. There is a person asking about relationship selling and it is obvious that she does not share in the success of this type sales strategy. There are 2 questions she wants answered or addressed. There is a person asking about relationship selling and there are 2 questions she wants answered or addressed. The 2 questions are: “ Do you assign them a relationship quota or do they have to actually close deals and make it rain? How do you evaluate a sales rep that comes empty handed but tells you: “Hey, I made a lot of friends this month”? I look forward to hear all your opinions and insights”.

However here are some simple volleying questions back to those 2 questions and they are: 1.Why would it be any different than any other sales model out there? 2. Trying to discredit something while you want an explanation discredits that person and their real aim.3. Do you know what a company’s true purpose is in order to stay in business? If you did know and understand what a company’s true purpose is to stay in business you would know the 2 questions asked are not relevant or hold any truths.

Is there a quota? Absolutely, the majority of companies have quotas for their sales teams to meet and or exceed. Why would they not? All Businesses have costs to do business called overhead and when they are not met it is extremely difficult to keep people employed and keep the company in business without going bankrupt. Your sales and marketing should be relentless in the pursuit of profit in order to remain in business if not then you have the wrong idea and need to get in the game and be competitive.

A sales rep that comes in empty handed, why in the world would this be any different? Once again why would this be any different than any other sales model or business practice? Why did the sales rep come in empty handed? Why did you as a sales manager, manager, or owner allow this to happen? Who is running the company the sales rep or the people managing the company? I would have to pull the manager into my office and ask how they could have let someone slip all month without discovering where they needed help and give it to him or her. Perhaps it is time for a new direction and management.

Putting this in perspective the concept of business is to turn a profit. What is the best way to turn a profit? This is where it starts to get dangerous for some in business. It is extremely difficult to decide on the right strategy that will deliver profits that you need and or desire due to so many different strategies being presented to you all the time. Frequently the problem isn’t so much how or why to implement this or that, the problem is many people have businesses without having the proper education to run the business.

Many start up by learning what their boss did and how they ran the company. This is easily recognized by similar business practices, same invoices, same billing practices and even pricing structure. At other times it is determined by what they have witnessed in the past by other companies or what someone else is doing that seems to be highly successful. The knowledge is limited at best and it seems like a game of tag is always being played. This equates into a feeling of starting the game over time and time again. Who do you believe and who do you listen too? It is a tough choice to make. All too often the choice is made due to hearing the same old tired practices over and over and something new to you is thrown to the side

Everything is right until it is wrong. I have a certain way I do things does not mean I am spot on and right and others are wrong? No it does not mean that at all what it means is I have been successful at what I have done. I will defend what I do especially if I know something is not right that someone is stating it is the right thing to do or someone is trying to manipulate others into thinking it will not work. I will also give the information I have gathered and pass it to others to try and give them an opportunity to reach higher quicker and to by-pass the obstacles in the road way. It is your choice to accept or take the bumpy road to success. Eventually some will reach the road at their pace. You will reach it when you are supposed to reach the proper height.

To get back to the original questions if you run the business lousy, you will receive lousy numbers in return. It actually is a very simple formula with business. You must have a plan laid out and approximate view on how you want to get there and a separate plan when you must change the original. You must have a budget to know what you are spending and when and if none exists you are on the verge of a long kiss goodnight.

Finally no customer = no money which means= no profits=which means Going Out Of Business Sale=which means looking for work

Whatever sales practice you choose do it well and commit to it as a business practice.

Finally no customer = no money which means= no profits=which means Going Out Of Business Sale=which means looking for work


Boost your Income by Revolutionizing the Way you Think

Joy 1

Boost your Income by Revolutionizing the Way you Think
Why do sales people in the construction service industry always assume the customer is at fault when the consumer reacts differently than that the service provider believes they should react. Submit a price on a quote and the consumer reacts by asking you for an itemized list and separate costs per unit.

How dare you question me on this quote? The price is the price and don’t you forget it. Asking for a detailed list is asking for trouble. If a customer gives you a hard time in the beginning they will become difficult towards the end and make it difficult to collect when you’re complete. Expect trouble down the road from this customer. The customer should know what to expect after all they are asking for you to do this or that. I would say some of the replies are unbelievable but that is not true. I have seen responses like this and much worse. For some reason old timers in the business have this horrible vision that it is a war and it is us against them mentality where the Customer is the villain in an old Black and White Western. In this version of the western the old timers would prefer that the villains aka customers would not have a speaking roll at all. They should be seen and not heard.

My vision is what is there to lose if you could try something different and it is can become an advantageous situation for either the buyer or seller. It seems that I would be grateful and forever thankful to have an opportunity to remove I from a no win situation to at least a 50/50% winning solution. These old timers become angry and defensive to the point that it bothers them that a customer will not buy from them. They are angrier at the customer for wasting their time that they do not seem to get it that the presentation was less than spectacular and did not answer the consumer’s questions or harvest their interest. Like a horrible B movie that never quite grabs the audience the home owner/general contractor was not moved by the boring presentation that did not answer the question of how is this going to make my life any different than it is today?

Back to today; pleased give me a detailed list of materials and price I need to make sure that it is exactly what I want in the first place. It does not sound or look like it is and I need to know what is different. It is time we include our customer and in this case the consumer or general contractor into the decision making process. Once we start to include these main characters in the movie we will see an increased ability to finish and have an autographed contract with the major players and the director who is me of course.

How do we get from Point A to Point B without losing attraction, stamina, and special effects? Do that by choosing to take a different stance to your reality. Changer your thoughts, replace those thoughts and discover a new resource to gain that information. I am not hearing to teach you to write contracts, that is not my job. The writing of contracts belongs to an attorney. Let us take a look at writing proposal versus a contract. After acceptance then the contract can consume you and your customer. The first thing we want is for the proposal to be accepted. A contract is most service providers burning desire my burning desire at this time is to drive the want to use me by the general contractor and his or her client. When I look at a contract the I’s better be dotted and the T’s better be crossed. By the way a contract will have an attorney involved and if your contract is suspect then you are also suspect.

What would happen if I write a story that is a proposal that the consumer and the general contractor can become a major player in and become part of the solution and diagnostic process to discover bigger and better products that change life styles. My proposal can cover the basics and then jump to a superior solution with an information and explanation of why it would be a worthier fit for the customer due to their lifestyle and what and how they want to use a kitchen ,bathroom or laundry room.

What if I can describe the laundry room as a clean-up room for arts and crafts with your child/grandchild for the next 15 to 20 years? You as a Mom or Dad can visualize the great times building and designing arts and crafts projects with your children or grandchildren? You now are selling memories instead of laundry tray tubs, faucets, washing machine hoses and plumbing. Are we so established in our ways that we disregard and ignore that we are human and pass off explosive joyfulness as an implausible fantasy that no one can conceivably expect to live? I understand that at times it is challenging to fathom understanding the love and joy of a grandparent until you become one. The same with the unconditional love of a child if we can seize and clutch this why would we not think our customers can also ascend into this thinking and understanding to visualize ownership?

Are you so much of a roughneck man that we cannot allow this to enter our lives as a professional? There are far too many people telling you to keep your personal life qualities away from your professional life. Those people suck and need to understand life that life is about what you give and not what you can take. Your personal life determines and dictates how your professional life will run the course. It is time to start asking why people feel the way they are feeling. Some people think it is confrontation. Well I am here to tell you it is not. A person that is defensive will always play it as a controversial call. Most people are not controversial; most people are kind caring individuals that want to feel good. Those same people will inform you that inflection is also extremely important and seem to forget that your inflection affects the question of why do you feel that way from a meaningful question to one of deceit and defensive.

are your excuses larger than your dreams
We should be discovering what is important to the consumer. What is important to the general contractor? This is not a real tough answer. The general contractor wants to deliver a happy customer and put them in a home that the customer believes no one else could have done as well. My job as a sub-contractor is to make that a reality. How can I make this an over the top experience for both the General contractor and the Gc’s customer? What happens is way too many service providers believe that then reverse is important that the customer and the general contractor make the sub-contractor happy. The way to make the Sub Contractor happy is for everyone to listen to the sub-contractor and listen, obey his every word without question. One way submission never works well and it is high time service providers realized this and started to change the perception. Start writing proposals that paint a fantastic picture of ownership where living is being a moment maker making memories. Think for a moment a person that writes a positive memory making proposal and one who writes a contract that is demanding and demeaning who is chosen? Which has to be cheaper in order to be accepted? Please open your mind and quit fogging the picture with a low percentage contractor that builds a horrible structure and focus on the decent General contractor. You will be chosen 100% of the time. You can increase the chances of being chosen by the style you write and present your proposal to those who are the decision makers.

New construction and remodeling service providers seem to forget a few things. They forget there are people that influence and decision makers. A buyer can and often will influence the decision maker who is the General contractor. If the influence really wants the product and service in their home they become the decision maker. A fantastic thing to start doing is getting every major player in the movie and treating them as equal partners involved in the decision making. Quit limiting your income by the way you think.

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Trials and tests that illness brings

Sunday I was asked to write more threads concerning the trials that my wife, children and I have been tested. At first I thought about this as I have discovered that we have it so much easier than many have it. In the beginning it seemed like we were on a merry go round. We were just spinning and staying in the same place. Then it became scary due to misunderstanding what everything meant.

I remember while in the hospital recovering from the surgery and wondering if I was coming home listening to the surgeon. I asked him over and over what that means when he kept telling me we did not catch this in time. Suzy my wife is a wonderfully strong woman who did not show any type fear and was adamant that yes you are coming home and you are going to be fine. What she really felt never came to the surface.

Our children then came in ever so optimistic looking to the future and talking about the future refusing to believe what could be and having unmeasurable faith that everything would be fine. We just needed to get into the comfort of our home.

Since then amazing opportunities have fallen at our front door. We have met some incredible extraordinary people that have added to our lives. Hopefully you will see how it has affected our children with what they may write. I know for me I have grown up so quick in the past 8 months. It has flown by faster and faster than I could ever imagine. What makes it beyond imagination is how often you could look into my eyes and see nothing but ghost eyes not quite ready to depart from family and Suzy.

At times we do not realize how unconditional our love of family is until something tests that love. It at this time I found out I would rather be with family even if it is to sit and say nothing, it is about spending time and sharing each other’s strengths and exposing our weaknesses to one another.

We have always had faith however a few years we kind of lost that feeling of a church family. The past 5 years we have been chasing a church family. As with all things this is a deep personal activity where we must decide what is important in our decision to discover faith within a church family. We have to discover how we can raise our hands and bow our heads and trust that we are headed in the right direction and make the right choice. This is more difficult for me as I enjoy the entertainment value that brings many people back to the church with contemporary churches. I love the spirited music that moves your body and gives you the opportunity to smile with praise. At times I need that type of program. Then at other times I need an upbeat positive message that drives me to creativity and to stay balanced. Then at other times I need messages that drive me to look deeper into my activates and life and then explains the why portion of faith and what will happen when I slip into what I’ve done in the past. All 3 have given me the ability to surrender and ask for help to forgive others so that I may become saved from my past, present and future. I am still searching while I replaced a whole lot of nothing and nowhere with spiritual growth that has allowed us to seek and step above and beyond our circumstances to seek joy. This has allowed us to help others past the point we found and into a new direction and how it has increased our opportunities with charity, mercy, and grace.

This is not to say we do not struggle. Treatment is every other week. I am not and do not look forward to treatment week. Typically the Sunday before treatment is an emotional day. I try to fit in as much as I possibly can. IT then becomes difficult to understand why people do not want to take their Sunday and join you and they are gearing for a grilling work week for them and want this day ass a day of rest. They do not understand that it is a depressing day to just sit and do nothing. I want to make Sunday last forever because I am dreading treatment Monday.

Anybody that is or has gone through Chemo can attest that you lose an entire work week and at times more. Depending on the amount of steroids determines how emotional you can become.2 Monday’s ago I was listening to a song called I will from the movie rent. My emotional stance was driven beyond normal and I wept listening to the words “Will I lose my dignity. Will somebody care”. If you are not familiar with the musical Rent, it is a story about a group of people living in New York that have aids. Talking with people they automatically think of gay behavior. This Play or movie portrays gay lifestyle, drug habits, and bad blood transfusions. It should not matter as we should not be judging people or a lifestyle that is not our purpose.

I remember the days where I felt that I had to face this alone and stopped living and shut down. I replaced the normal life activity with a down and out tune everything out depressive action. This behavior did not last long. It slowly has transferred into a pay it forward behavior. I have started to share my expertise with my peers in my industry. Giving the opportunity to change the way people think and act. When we change our positioning we will discover different results. When we change the way we communicate we can change lives. This gives me pure outstanding joy and has replaced being on the outside looking in. Sat this point in time we have this feeling it is better to give what I have and allow others to have an abundance of satisfaction and joy.

Something else I discovered is family first. I also discovered that friends are outstanding; many have a difficult time understanding what to say. They will say things and I / you that are experiencing issues must understand we were the same way when we did not have an illness. Many think it is what you want to hear. We need to educate versus shaking your head thinking I need new friends. Without you informing your friends how will they ever know? Experience is the best teacher. Give the education freely. Now more people can help others without positioning the other person in a defensive posture.

Something that people rarely understand is how their actions affect others. I am going through this at this time and I must discover a different way to adapt and adjust to this person. When people are disagreeable they tend to argue and this drives up blood pressure. This person has a lot of growing up to do and does not realize what he is causing to happen. Driving up the blood pressure of people prevents proper healing. It prevents your body from reacting in a normal way and can create a different situation where something else can affect your health and well-being. For me this is extremely difficult thing to control especially during treatment week when I am overly emotional. This makes my ability to control my anger a lot tougher.

Without Suzy none of what you have read would be possible. She is and had been the light that has kept me from the dark. Our home is a safety net and place for me. Being around Suzy comforts, saves, and has been the driving force to whom and what I am. She is my light during the day and night. When she is near I feel I can conquer anything that gets in our way and together we do. Together there isn’t anything we cannot do or accomplish. Learn to give you love unconditionally and trust with all your heart, mind and soul. change-job-search-poll Practice Better Business

Everything you do impacts someone.

Everything you do impacts someone.


It is simply amazing how the statement everything you do impacts someone is true. The stumbling block to the statement is most people do not realize how much impact they have on those that surround them during their lifetime. If we as people understood and realized just how much affect each person has on others we would all be living a life of explosive joyfulness? Everyone would be more than happy.

The impact is with both personal and professional lives. People have a difficult time separating professional and personal though they believe they do. You cannot separate your personality unless your mental stability is mildly sprained. There are many that will try to convince you that they can separate how they feel and their core values/beliefs between their professional and personal life. It is improbable that they have the will and ability to cut off or turn off this part of the feeling mechanism. Emotion cannot be faked by a normal person.

It is time to decide just how you will impact those that are around you? How can you pay it forward? How can you help others join you in the winner’s circle? I was listening to a song by The Coors and a lyric is how can I make you love me? I am not sure we can make anyone do anything they do not want to do however we can influence their actions and reactions. Before any person can influence there must be a purpose and direction. Without a purpose you will be flying by the seat of your pants. You must decide today to take inventory of the results you have gained and work a plan that will give you different results.

Scott Young a brilliant speaker made a statement in May 2014. This is such a powerful statement and resonated with me as to the real reason many people are missing the boat even though they are on the dock. The quote is: Are you stuck in your yesterday that you forgo your blessing for today. We hear mentors tell us to forget the past. When we let go of the past we can now move forward. This is fantastic advice with 1 exception no one gives information to those people who need to drop the past how to get rid of that burden.

I am a person that has a core belief that people are held back by what has consumed their past. They refuse to look at possible changes that undoubtedly can and will revolutionize their business. The excuses that hold them steadfast to the past are the same excuses that prevent them from exceling in their present assignment to propel them past where they are now. It is a fear of success that leads them to the insecure reality that they may be wrong in their assessment of where they are presently.
No one likes to admit that there may be something else that is better due to that forcing me to suggest to myself that I am wrong. So, how do we get rid of the burdens of the past? How do you limit those afflictions from creeping back into your life? How do we keep our ignorance from turning into despair? How do we say bring it on and I will defeat you?

The first thing you must decide to do is to change your thoughts. Then you must replace those thoughts. In order to have success with either of these, replace and change your thoughts you must discover a new source /resource to discover awesome potential that needs unleashed. I have a core belief that we must have faith. For me it is faith in God for you it may be spiritual faith, for others it is faith in their own ability. Without faith you will not succeed without fear. That fear will keep you tied to the dock and not ailing the seas where it may get rough and you may be tested.

Once you change your station it is essential that you have a dream that not misunderstood. This dream is written on paper. Without proof that the dream is a goal and a plan it can turn into a nightmare that keeps repeating the same Groundhog Day over and over. I believe it was Jim Rohn that said keep doing what you’re doing and you can expect the same results. Einstein state doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is the definition of insanity.

What will you decide to do differently starting today? What is holding you back from your future? If you are afraid of the changes what if you changed 1 thing a day or week how long would it take? How would this affect you? How would this affect employees? How would this affect your family? How would this affect your employee’s family? Lastly how would this affect your customers? Joy 1

The impact you will have on all those around you will change their life. It will enhance their lifestyle. It will impact their faith. Your customers will have a different and better you. The customers will receive over the top customer experiences and a way different experience that nay other service provider has given him or her. Be the positive impact that you were made to be and meant to deliver. Be that moment maker and come to a place where you are not finished.

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